How to earn, win or get a lot of money in Pokémon Shield, Sword or Shield

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The question of money in any Pokemon episode has always been an important factor, because with it we acquire a large number of items, pokeballs, potions, more energy, temporary benefits at the time of a fight, but in this episode it is even more important.

In pokémon Sword and Shield there are even more items that can be purchased with so called Pokedollars, from lucky charms to improvements for our pokémon team, knowing all this it is important to know where to find, or how to accumulate a considerable amount of Pokedollars.

Places where you can make a lot of money

A good option that you should consider it is the wild area, where you will go to fight and win treasures, the skins can be sold at a good price in the pokémon shop, in this area the pokémon nests are distributed, these can be on land or in water, they are rock formations that emit a ray of light.

Depending on the intensity of the light, we know how unique the pokémon is inside. The weather in this area can change, which alters which Pokémon can go out and the conditions of the battle, putting you ahead or behind depending on your team, against wild Pokémon.

There is another slightly more special location, where you can take advantage of some mechanics to get a lot of money fast, you have to go to Armor Island, buy the expansion pass and pass the Dojo tests, you have to look for the girl who sells berries, in particular we are interested with Zreza berries.

Each berry has an approximate cost of 80 poke dollars, you have to buy the maximum amount you can, then go to the dojo where Cramabot is, and for every 4 berries you give him, he will reward you with the "Heat Shot" movement, which can be sold in the shop for 3.000 coins, you just have to repeat as much as you want and you will multiply your money.

Get money in battles

As for the battles, you are always at the end of one, coming out victorious will give us a sum of money which, a depending on the rival, it will be higher or lower, but to significantly increase the value at the end of the game, there is a specific pokémon that, using one of its attacks, multiplies this figure. 

MeowthGigamax, has a power called "Giga", which confuses the rival and makes him drop coins that will then be given to you, depending on the level of your Meowth, the amount of coins he hits with the attack will vary, being the most effective way Take it against the latest fighters in story mode, at a level between 80 and 90.

To get this pokémon we must go to Dimple town, where the first gym of the game is located, when we talk to one of the NPCs we meet, he will tell us that he can exchange a MeowthGalar   with one from Kanto.

So we have to go to the shop to buy some pokeballs and go to route 4, which is south of Dimple Town, where these pokémon abound, we catch it and go back to the gym, when we talk to the NPC, we accept the trade and go.

More ways and tips to get money in Pokémon Sword and Shield

First of all, you need to know how to manage your coins when shopping in the store, you shouldn't rush to buy all the potions or consumer items at the same time, in subsequent missions you will get them as a reward for completing the mission.

You must obtain and equip the amulet coin, an item that has the effect that when the fight ends and you are the winner, it doubles the Poke Dollars received, to this you must add that it is recommended to fight with every Sunday that you get along with the routes.

Double incense, a valuable object that costs 11.000 Poke dollars, can be found in the market of Amura Town, this is similar to the Amulet Coin, managing to multiply the rewards at the end of the fights.

Another option to consider is pokémon jobs, giving some tasks to our teammates and earning coins is a good way to start.

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