How to easily acquire Steam balance with my Rut account

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Today there are a large number of web platforms and gaming applications, where they allow users to download and purchase various games to install on their devices, one of the most popular and used platforms in this industry is Steam.

Steam is one of the platforms and websites of distribution of digital games most popular despite being originally developed to provide updates only for Valve Corporation, la company responsible for the creation of Steam, but which ultimately decided to offer updates and games outside the company.

Currently within the Steam platform you can find a large number of games, both paid and free, including the iconic Dota 2 which you can easily download through the same platform.

The Steam platform not only functions as a website or game distribution application, it also functions as a community, allowing users of its platform to add other users to communicate with each other and even to talk while playing a online multiplayer game.

What is the relationship between the Chilean currency and purchases on Steam?

If you are in Chile and have a Steam account, it turns out that your purchases will now be made directly in Chilean pesos, le your Steam cards will no longer be able to make purchases in dollars . Due to a conversion that was done on the platform, converting your dollar balance into CLP at the current exchange rate. This does not affect any purchases you have already made and the rest of the platform continues to function the same way.

How to buy on Steam via MACH

In Chile, the Mach card is a virtual card used to make online purchases in foreign markets, Steam has enabled the payment option with this method . Once our purchases have been added to the cart, when we select the payment method we put the National Visa option, by clicking on continue.

The page will ask you for your card details, here we provide our Mach card data that we can in the application of the same, in the 'data' section, once the fields have been filled in we can confirm the purchase and that's it. You have purchased your favorite games using MACH. As an additional information, we remind you that these purchases are usually credited a few days after they have been made .

Where can I see my balance in the Steam wallet?

You just need to log into your Steam account and the balance in your wallet will be at a glance, in the top right corner right next to your profile.

Other methods of purchasing on Steam with Rut account

In one of the most recent updates, the Steam platform managed to incorporate the Chilean currency and has implemented payment support so that it can accept bank credit and debit cards, including the Rut account as well.

To start purchasing the games you want on the Steam platform with a Rut account, follow these steps.

Prepaid cards

  1.  The first thing you should do is enter your Steam account from the official page or the Steam application
  2. You need to enter the Steam Payments section to add funds to the Steam wallet
  3. Once you are in the section "Add funds to wallet" of Steam you have to select the amount you want to add to the wallet
  4. After entering the amount you want to have in your wallet you will enter a page with information and payment details, in this section you will have to choose the option "MasterCard (National)" in case you want to pay with Rut account, after this click on the continue button
  5. Then you will go to the “review and purchase” section, read and accept the conditions and click su “continues BoaCompra”
  6. Select the "Redcompra" option and enter the bank details and the account where the payment will be made
  7. And ready! With this, you can now easily purchase the game you want on the Steam platform using the Rut account.


It is an alternative to making our purchases on Steam, only instead of making them directly, you will purchase a Steam gift card that can be used by users.

Create an account on the Steam platform

To have access to all the features of Steam and also to be able to start downloading and purchasing games within it, you must first register and create an account. Entering Steam is easy, fast and free, for this you will simply have to access its official page from your computer 

After that click on the login option which is at the top right of the Steam page, when you click on this option a new login page will appear, to register you will need to click on the button that says “Join Steam” On the right side.

You will appear on a new page where you can start the process of creating an account on the Steam platform, fill in all the boxes with your details and email address, then choose the country where you are located, perform the captcha and confirm that you are of legal age.

When you complete all these steps, click on continue, so that the platform sends a message to the email you entered where, after confirming it, you can enter your username and other data to complete the creation of your Steam account.

With the Steam account created you will be able to start downloading games from the platform and even if they are payments that you can cancel even if you have a Rut account if you do not know how to do it, we will teach you below how to buy games on Steam with your Rut account.

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