How to easily block or restrict access to a user in Windows 10

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Windows 10 is the latest version developed by Microsoft. The set of tools available on the platform includes some options available for customizing the device, among which we can mention the navigation elements and some safety aspects.

How to easily block or restrict access to a user in Windows 10?

Within the group of structures that have been developed on the basis of better service, the security aspects that the platform can provide have always been of great importance. This is why Windows 10 allows the user to make changes to settings in this section.

A computer is a piece of equipment that performs various functions, one of which is that of store any information or element that you consider important. This is why you need to make sure that not just anyone has access to your device. There are some security measures you can use as a protective barrier.

Usually Windows allows you to register more than one account on your computer, so that everyone has a login user and password.

The main account will then be called "administrator" and will have access to all elements of the team, the secondary account will be called "guest" and with this account it will be possible to access certain spaces.

Steps to easily block or restrict access for a user in Windows 10

It is likely that for security reasons you deserve to block or restrict a user's access to the computer. So that the actions and tasks you can perform on your computer are bounded. If you don't know how to perform this action on your device, you can do the following:

There is a configuration tool in Windows 10 that has been called "Assigned access", which is exactly what will allow us to determine the group of applications or items that the user will have access to.

  • First you need to enter the "configuration" section and select the "account" option from the list.

  • Now click on the "Family and other people" section.
  • Now we need to enter “other people” and click on the option "Configure assigned access".
  • Then we can select from the list of applications or tools those that the guest user will be able to access.
  • After selecting the folders, click on "Choose an account" to assign the limit to the user.
  • From now on, every time the user enters the password to enter the device, he will not have access to the Windows menu but to the list of applications that you have allowed him.

In case the person accessing your computer is a child, you can use the configuration to allow only one game application. So that important documents or files are safe.

Other security aspects that can be configured in Windows 10

There are other security aspects you can turn on if you want to protect the information on your computer as much as possible. As restrict the use of your IP address in some applications, you can access the configuration panel for this.

You can also delete the history of your device activity. Another section you can point out is the so-called " Cortana ", which is the computer's voice search engine. Restrict the access of this application to certain areas of the computer by accessing the configuration again. We teach you how to open applications using your voice with Cortana.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to block or restrict access to a user in Windows 10? Do you know of another method to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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