How to easily change Microsoft Office language to Spanish

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We can usually find Microsoft Office products in over a hundred languages. However, it is quite common that when you buy it or buy it through the website, it does not come with ours native language.

Do you know how to change the language of Microsoft Office? Don't worry, here we will teach you how to do this and in turn check the version of Office you are using on your computer.

Check the version of Office you have

It is important to check which version of Office you have, to understand which add-in is missing or how to deal with it when errors occur. To check the version of Office you have, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Start by opening any of the applications in the Office suite, which can be from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint. Once opened, you need to go to the del tab menu. You will recognize it as the first window in the upper left corner. If it is in English, the menu will be called Fillet.
  2. Inside the window, one will open for you set of options, where you will have to go to the second button at the bottom, in the left side menu. This option can be found as Account, if it is in English.
  3. Once these tabs are open, you will be able to view the version of Microsoft Office that you have on your computer. You need to verify the year.

With this, you will already know what your version of Office and so you will be able to better choose the downloads for it and thus optimize its use. And you can even download it for your Android mobile, as this way you can work with its tools wherever you go.

Start with the download of the language pack

Once you have all the information about the version of your Office package, it is time to download the corresponding information to have the appropriate language pack for your Microsoft Office. The packages that you will find on the web, you can see them available for Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016.

To start the download, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Start by logging into this web page.
  2. Once open, look for the tab where you can see your version of Office.
  3. Once selected, choose which language you want to acquire. You will see this list in alphabetical order.
  4. Once you have chosen your language, start downloading the language pack. At the bottom of the page you will see that there are two download links attached. You have to select the one that matches yours version of Office and start the download for free.
  5. It is important to know about most language packs, they usually take up a lot of space, so it should come as no surprise that the download takes an extra couple of minutes.
  6. Once the aforementioned download is finished, you need to double-click on said file that was downloaded to start the installation.
  7. Once the installation has started, you just have to choose which product the language pack will be installed and applied for. Once selected, press Continue.
  8. After completing the legal registrations, you need to press the " Customize "To choose the Microsoft Office component to which you want to add this package and press" read more ".

The installation may take a few minutes, however, eventually everything will be in order on your PC and you can enjoy yours new language pack without problems.

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