How to easily change the language of the Genesis game on PS4 from English to Spanish?

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How to change Genesis game language on PS4?

Going directly to the point of interest, so that you can change the language of the Genesis game on PS4 as soon as possible, the first thing you need to know is that the default game doesn't come exactly in English, but in Chinese, since the game was created based on this.

Despite this, the language change takes place the same regardless of the language in which the game is predetermined, so the steps to follow will be the same (no matter which region you download the game from).

Now, to change the language of the game you must first download the title from the PlayStation Store (of course), once done, go to it and open it, when you are inside the menu where a character is shown, press the button controller options key.

With this action you will be redirected to a screen where the game options ribbons appear, stay in the first section you are in and from there go down to the fourth option that appears (there are only four).

Then move the lever of your controller to the right and you will notice that the languages ​​start to pass, when you find the one you like the most, press the circle button on your control and proceed to exit the game and close it completely.

Finally, enter the game again and voila, now both the menu, items and all other options are already in the language you have chosen.

How to change the console language?

With the above, you already know how to change the language of the Genesis game on PS4, so as a little extra you will be taught to change the language of the whole console, so that you finally finish with this topic and you can go find more tutorials like: What is Arena of Valor? , another MOBA you should try too.

Without wasting any more time, what you need to do to change the language of your console is to first close all the applications you have open, then go to «Settings» from the menu of your Play.

Then you have to select the "Languages" section from the list of options that will appear, finally choose "System language", and proceed to choose a language among the many that will appear.

And lo and behold, with this you know how to change genesis game language on PS4, and you've also learned how to change the language on your console, in case the above doesn't work for you and you have to choose to set up your entire PS4.

With this off the table, you have nothing more to do here, however, you we recommend to keep informing you about PS4 and MOBA games, because these are the future of the industry.

For example you can search: What other MOBA games are there like League of Legends?, So that you have more variety to choose from when you finally decide to play a title of this genre.

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