How to easily clear all notifications on an iOS iPhone

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All iOS iPhones are full of many tricks, which allow you to perform certain functions that were previously impossible or that were not known to users. In this moment, when technology offers new tools every day to make devices work better. That's when we have to learn how to use them.

It is very common to hear users complain that they do not have an option that allows delete them all through notification center. Instead you find that you can only do it one at a time and of course this takes a long time. But worry no more as we have found a way to do it very easily.

How to easily clear all notifications on an iOS iPhone

To easily clear all notifications on an iOS iPhone, you will just have to use an option that you had no idea could be used for this. Very few people know that Apple offers them this incredible possibility using nothing less and nothing more than 3D Touch. And if you keep reading, you'll also have the pleasure of knowing how to get rid of notifications

With the use of 3D Touch we will be able to eliminate all notifications in one fell swoop on any device equipped with this function. It is very practical to use and will allow you by simply pressing, different options appear and among these you can find the option to delete everything and then clean up notifications that are no longer useful to you.

This is an application available only for teams with iOS operating systems and allows you to offer different functions with finger pressure. If you've used it before, you should know what we're talking about as it wouldn't just be used to delete all notification history at once. If not, it also works in other applications and offers several options.

How to use 3D Touch to remove all notifications

To apply 3D Touch or force technology as it is also known, we will go to the top where the notifications are and you have to drag down. This action will show all the ones we have memorized. We can observe those of today but also those of subsequent events.

These lists can sometimes be very long, it will all depend on the number of them, which you will receive in a single day. So what should you do when you have the notifications section open? You will press one of them hard until an option appears. This option will say delete all notifications.

After that you just have to press on this option and immediately all notifications will be deleted at once without having to select them one by one. And no notification will appear on the screen. As you can see, it is a very simple trick to perform and with it you will save a lot of time by deleting old notifications.

The outside or 3D Touch technology is very useful and as I told you before it is not found in devices that are not of the brand of the bitten apple. And in this way we conclude this very informative article that shows you how easily delete all notifications on an iOS iPhone.

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