How to easily connect a PSP to a TV via HDMI

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You will find that it is worth it connect your PSP to yours HDTV via the HDMI port. And enjoy your games on a much larger screen than you are used to. But remember that there are no limits if you want to connect a game console to your TV or even an HDMI monitor to a PC.

How to easily connect a PSP to a TV via HDMI

To   easily connect a PSP to a TV via HDMI, we will use a converter or converter. And in this way we are going to replace the missing HDMI port in the PSP and in this way you will be able to play using your TV screen. So now pay close attention and follow the simple steps that we will show you below.

To get started you need to purchase this device which turns the PSP connection or headphone jack into an HDMI port. Once you have this device, you can make the necessary connections to use yours TV as a screen for your PSP.

Steps to easily connect a PSP to a TV via HDMI

The first step is to get the converter from PSP a HDMI  and place it next to the TV, then plug the power cord into the outlet. The next step is to take one end of the HDMI cable and connect it to the output of the converter. And the other end of the HDMI cable needs to be connected to the TV input.

So you have to turn on the TV   and select the Video Inputs option in the menu and there you have to find the input to which the converter is connected. And now get out of these options, the next step is to move on to the PSP. And there you will look up for the headphone connector and plug in one end of the video cable.

You need to connect the other end to the input of the converter, after these connections we will activate the PSP to HDMI converter. Now we will go to the PSP and enter the menu and there we select the option Settings. Then we choose the submenu Display settings and there we will select the option  Change video input.

Once you are inside this option you have to press the X key, this action will make the PSP screen go black and the menu will now appear on the TV screen.

The next step is to choose the TV Type submenu on the PSP and choose the 16: 9 option and then press the X button. Next you need to choose the Progressive option and press the X button.

Exit the menu and voila, now you can enjoy your favorite games in high definition and in a dimension you were not used to. As you have seen, it is very quick and easy to make this type of connection if you have the specific device. And without any problems you were able to  Easily connect a PSP to a TV via HDMI.

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