How to easily contact Supercell Brawl Stars by mail?

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However, you may not know how to communicate, but don't worry because you have our help. With this article we will show you how to communicate with this company and then report any type of complaint you have due to an error in your games.

The process is very simple so don't worry as the steps we will show you are very simple, if you need to do is follow the steps very carefully to avoid any problem and in a short time you will have communicated with Supercell.

How to contact Supercell Brawl Stars?

If you want to get a quick answer, it's best to search for the question you would have asked them in the FAQ section.

It is possible that someone else has asked the same question as you and has already been answered. To get the answer much faster you can enter the key word in Search Engine or by categories to make it much easier for you.

In case you want to contact Supercell because you have lost your account, no problem. If during the registration of your account you have linked it at some point to Game Center or simply a Google Play then you will have no problem getting it back.

What you should do in this case is to log into the corresponding account and then open the game so that you can recover it. If you still can't recover, you have to send them a message from there.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is going up Settings and then locate the Help and Support option, then click or press Lost Account.

Step 2

Now you need to select the option I lost my account! How can I get it back? And then click on "Contact Us" which is located in the upper right corner.

3 pass

Now you can contact Supercell and expose your problem. But first you have to make sure you include important information like the exact name of the account you want to recover, the clan name of that account, the XP level of the same account you want to recover.

Finally you must obviously write the explanation of what happened to your account. And basically this way you can contact Supercell and recover your account.

What is the Supercell ID for?

You link your account to your Supercell ID and that way there will be no problem saving or transferring your video game account to another device. And in case the internet doesn't help you to perform well in the game, you can find out which are the best games to play without an internet connection.

If you have the opportunity to link all your accounts to yours ID Supercell, it will be of great help and advantage and it will be much easier for you to switch between accounts. But how can you link your Supercell ID?

Very simple, you just have to go into the game settings and locate the button called Supercell ID.

You will also have the option to save your account on your device and in this way you will not have to write the code. And best of all, using a Supercell ID is completely free.

One of the benefits of having your Supercell ID is that you can use it on both your Android and Apple device. You will also have the option of use your Supercell ID to transfer game accounts from your device to another phone, for example from one Apple to another with Android OS. It's nice to know that there are games on the web to play offline, as well as some are free for Android.

Also, it won't be necessary log in to the Supecell ID to play, as this is optional. But to save your games you need to login.

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