How to easily convert and convert DWG to PDF on Mac?

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This statement may sound silly, but it's not at all, since, for many image or file content creators (building plans, among others), this process is vital to their work, therefore, reading how it can make easiest on a MAC is the highest priority.

Convert and convert DWG files to PDF on a Mac

The one thing you need to know before you start learning how to convert and convert DWG to PDF on a Mac? , is what DWG stands for. This is a drawing file extension, which appears when saving a job in programs such as AutoCAD.

This extension is very important in the world of drawing construction plans, however, in the case of MACs, few drawing programs read this type of file.

But, thanks to the fact that the Apple company is never outdone, there is a function of the operating system X, which allows you to use the preview, of save and convert any type of file to a PDF, allowing it to be read and evaluated.


This is basically done as if you were to print a PDF, and it can be done in programs like edrawings, for example (which you can download from the Internet).

Now, to achieve your goal, you must first go to the drawing program where you have your project and select all its layers (if they are the drawings it is not necessary).

Then choose the option called " Print ", Located just below the section" Fillet ". So and when you skip a dialog, press "Save with name".

Then simply type in your file name and choose the destination folder where you want it to be, finally click " Save ".

And voila, with this you can convert and convert DWG files to PDF on a Mac quickly and easily, without having to do anything else.

Virtual PDF printer

With the above you can already achieve your goal, but there is also a way to do it with a virtual PDF printer installed on your computer.

To do this, first select all the layers of the drawing (again if you are in edrawings, this is not necessary).

Then go to the top bar and in the option " Fillet "Click on" Print ", This will open a menu where you have to choose the section" Printer ".

In this, select the virtual printer you have installed (if you have Adobe Acrobat Standard, which is one of the most common, the name of said printer will be Adobe PDF).


Once this is done, click on the " Print ", Then choose the name you want for the project and in the save window select" Save ".

With that your file will already be in PDF format, so you can read it more easily and even print it if you wish.

So now you can say you know how to convert and convert DWG files to PDF on a Mac, it's time for you to go to your computer and start with one of the processes described above.

Regardless of which one you use, either way they will remain as a PDF file, the quality will depend on how your drawing, plan, etc. is made. So, you shouldn't have any kind of problem if you are a pro or just good at what you do.

Remember that you can also do the opposite of what you just saw and convert a PDF to an editable DWG file. And as if that wasn't enough, you can also convert an EDRW file to DWG, you just need to look for tutorials on how to do it.

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