How to easily create a SlideShare account for free? - simple steps

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This platform has become a perfect solution when you they search for content and you get specialized information from any industry and connect with others. This platform has evolved and incorporated video and file compatibility.

Today it has become a system that allows us to see the elements of a social networks for the general public, this being a tool originally intended for the corporate environment.

How to easily create a SlideShare account for free?

We must bear in mind that create a SlideShare account from its website it's totally free and you shouldn't have to pay to access it, in just a few steps we will teach you how to create an account and connect with thousands of people every day who are looking for information or sharing their work to help others.

Step by step

  1. Enter the SlideShare website ( and there we will start creating the new account by clicking on the "register" button.
  2. Entering the button "sign in", we will insert a file in which it will ask us to enter personal data and to perform the steps to validate the account.
  3. If you are a user who registers on behalf of a company or a professional, you must click on the option “Are you a company or a university? Subscribe now", otherwise if you are a private user you will have to click on the option "Join LinkedIn".
  4. If you already have a LinkedIn account, you just need to click on the “Login” option and enter your details to access it.
  5. In case of creating an account from scratch, you will have to fill in the form where you will be asked for the mandatory personal data such as: names, surnames, emails and passwords. Finally, you must accept the terms of use and click on the " accept and join ".
  6. In this way you will have created your LinkedIn account and you will have to go back to the SlideShare website and click on the “Login” option where you will enter your email address and the password you have chosen for your account.

7. When you log into your account for the first time, you will be asked for a security verification that you get via mobile, a pop-up window will appear where you can choose the option "Send me an SMS" or the option "Call me by phone", you have to select one of them and enter your phone number along with the prefix corresponding to your country and go to the flag icon of your country.

8. Click on the “Send code” option to proceed to the next screen where it will ask us for the verification code which was sent to your mobile device after a few minutes. Once the code has been entered, we need to click on the button "Verify" the code ".

9. We will enter a new page that will ask us to inform the country or region, along with the postcode of your locality, that when changed we must press the “Next” button. On the next page it will ask you to confirm if you are a student, what is your most recent position and the sector you belong to.

10. As a last step, you must confirm your identity and for this the LinkedIn and SlideShare system will send you a code to the email that you will have to copy and insert in the registration procedure or click on "Accept and check your email".

11. We have finished signing up to start using the SlideShare tool.

So with this platform you can exchange documents or files of many formats with other users in the world, taking advantage of the information and knowledge shared, now if you just want to share your files in a more private way you can upload your documents to the cloud and send send them by mail or social networks to your contacts, or simply store them as a backup.

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