How to easily create and post job offers on Facebook

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If you have a fanpage you can make a job offer to find staff for your company. This feature is completely free and, best of all, quite easy to perform. This way you can save a lot of time in recruiting with all the tools this powerful and popular social network has to offer.

We will see a simple tutorial where you can quickly create your job offer. You have to take some minimal details into consideration. But in the end you will see that you can save a lot of time.

How to post job offers on Facebook

create a job offer on Facebook, you must have a company page. In case you already have it, you can explore this interesting feature.

  • From Facebook Business you can easily manage the offers you want to make. By changing them, renewing them or simply deleting them.
  • By clicking on " Post a job offer ”You will be able to access the publication form where you will have to fill in some fields to make your offer clear.
  • You can add a photo, offer salary, position, type of job, time you intend to work, practice, etc. In a nutshell, you can specify some fundamental things to attract the attention of those looking for a job opportunity.
  • Then you will have to fill in the section " Details ”Where you will have to give a description of the job and, above all, what is expected of the person hired. In turn, you can enable the option of requests via e-mail.

Create and post job offers on Facebook

After doing all this you will be able to see a preview of the publication to confirm that everything remains correct. Here you can see how it will look on computers and mobile devices. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people who access social networks do so from mobile devices.

It is best to specify as much information as possible about that job offer. This is ideal to avoid wasting time on certain requests so that, in this way, you can make the most of your time and get someone who really fulfills what you need.

Once everything is done, just press the " Post a job offer ”Please note that Facebook will verify the information and it may take up to 24 hours for them to be published.

Currently this feature is completely free, so it's a great opportunity to post job vacancies. Both for those looking for one and for those in need of staff.

The first to be informed of the job offer will obviously be the people who follow us, an excellent opportunity. Another option is to promote the job posting with Facebook advertising, which is quite cheap and you can reach quite a large number of people.

One thing you should keep in mind is that job offers expire after 30 days. Another thing to keep in mind is that the CV cannot be attached. Therefore, this must be requested on first contact.

But on the whole it's a pretty cool option that allows us to Easily create and post job offers on Facebook. This can save a lot of time in finding a new employee and for those in need of work it is an alternative to consider.

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