How to easily create or create a saddle or mount in Minecraft

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From using suns “sprite” o two-dimensional models, the use of three-dimensional models, has meant a big change in the quality of the games we see, as since then the developers have only dedicated themselves to polishing the look of the models. Because of this, the way we play different video games has changed, and more than one extremely special video game has also been born.

With these changes, a jar of creativity for tons of studies and games have been developed that few people imagined or believed impossible. And, among the games that at first glance may seem basic but there is a big heart and so much to discover, there is Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game where the player, alone in a randomly generated world, has to make his way until he can kill a dragon in another dimension. The more you play Minecraft, the more experience you will gain in order to build great things in the game.

But this is almost optional, since many players speak of the story as a sideline, the real attraction is there survival mode, where the player must look for food, mine, build in order to defend himself from the world around them, that is, find a way to survive. And for this he uses different tools within the game, among which we can mention the saddle.

What is a saddle and how to make one?

La saddle is an object within Minecraft that is used to mount different utilities or passive mobs. While it could initially only be used with pigs you had no control over, with the implementation of horses, donkeys, donkeys and other animals within your farm, this has changed.

Through one of these chairs, and with a faithful horse-shaped friend, you can easily travel great distances in less time, and you can also better immerse yourself in the world you have created within. Minecraft to play alone or with your friends in a shared world.

Saddles cannot be crafted, however, which seems a bit odd in a game where your only real goal is to build items. Chairs they really must be obtained by other means, such as killing some mob who drop the item for us, as well as find chests with them inside or trade them for goods with some villagers.

And, while they are not too hard to find as sooner or later the player ends up finding one, they can be a really valuable item to some depending on what goals you may have within the game.

How to use a saddle?

A saddle is really easy to use, as you get close to a utility mob which you can mount and left click on it to put it on, then click it again for mount the saddle.

But keep in mind that the saddle they can be used alone with horses, mules, donkeys, pigs and striders. Also, not everyone will move as they should when you put a saddle on them, like them strider which will only move if you have a mushroom with a fishing rod or a pig if you use a fishing rod with a carrot.

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