How to easily disable or remove parental controls on PS4 console?

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How does parental control work on the console?

Aimed at protecting the material that is consumed by the little ones in the house, parental control on PlayStation is chosen by many parents as a preventative alternative. He's able to adjust the hours of use of the device and limit some pages and applications not suitable for children.

To remove parental controls on the PS4 console it is important that you know that when you do so, you need to create a PlayStation Network account. From it you will be able to establish the users of the console and the accounts belonging to each child. These users will come configured with the appropriate restrictions and are generally password protected.

The person responsible for managing and configuring the constraints will be consisting, as appropriate, such as "Tutor" or "Head of the family". For safety, only those who have established parental control can disable it, by entering their username.

How to remove parental controls on PS4 console?

The steps you take to turn off restrictions will depend on two factors. Don't worry, it's effective and fast both ways.

By code or password

When activate parental control in the console, the main administrator receives a code that can be predetermined or set by the user.

If you are having trouble with the code, you can change your account password or move on to the next alternative in the tutorial.

To remove parental controls on the PS4 console you will need to go to the main console screen. You have to enter the main user, called "Householder" or "Tutor", where the restrictions were created.

Once there, you will enter the "Settings Center" and you will locate the section determined a "Check Parents ". All you have to do is select it to display the bar where you will enter the password.

Then you will be shown the restriction options in the console. There you can choose which one to disable and which one you want to stay with restrictions. Once chosen, you will select the option to deactivate.

This process is only temporary, so when you turn off the console parental controls will be enabled again. If you want to get rid of it forever, you have the option to “Restore console default settings”.

Disable it without password

Many times the passcode is often forgotten, so many people resort to canceling the main account for get rid of parental control. This is absolutely useless, since, if for some reason you have not been able to change the password, you still have the following alternative.

To remove parental controls on PS4 without password, you will need to reset to factory settings. This action would be permanent, but keep in mind that resetting the settings will remove all custom settings.

Turn on the console to view the main screen. There, select the primary user and the creator of the restrictions.

Inside you will find the settings menu, where you can locate the "Initialization" section. There you will see the option to reset or restore all factory settings, where they will give you a list of deleted settings.

Finally, select the option to restore default settings. The console will restart and you can start configuring it again.

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