How to easily end a call with iPhone lock button?

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Methods for ending a call with the iPhone lock button

To perform this action, the iPhone must be locked, otherwise only the red hang up button will appear. Likewise, there are three ways to end a call when you are not using the phone. Starting with the way to hang up a call with the iPhone lock button.

If you have solved, when you have the iPhone locked and receive a call, only the answer button appears to slide it and the options of "Remember" e "Message" but it does not give the possibility to hang up. The trick to ending a call with the iPhone lock button in the simplest way is press the button twice.

Just like you read and it's that simple, you no longer have to wait for the other person to finish the call for you if you don't want to answer. For iPhone 6 or 5S, this button is located on the top of the phone.

If you just want to silence the call, you can press it once and it will be enough to at least not keep hearing the ringtone. Try it once you get a call, when you press the button, you will notice that the call will disappear and the screen will remain locked.

Remember it only works with the phone like this. If it is unlocked and press that button twice, the application will be activated "Wallet". Since you know how to end a call with the iPhone lock button, you can try these other two options to avoid having to go to the phone screen.

If, on the other hand, you decide to answer incoming calls if you wish, you have the option to record calls for free.

Hang up via the AirPods headphones

In case you didn't know, this is one of the features this iPhone extension offers you, if you are in the middle of your favorite song and you get a call, you can just hang up. AirPods include their own controls, a center button, and volume buttons. To hang up using them, you just have to press and hold the middle button for about two seconds and that's it.

To get the most out of your Airpods devices it is important to know how to increase or increase the battery life of your wireless headphones.

Hang up via Apple Watch

If you own the Apple Watch you should already know that it affects as an extension of the functions of the iPhone, which includes the ability to accept and reject incoming calls. If you have your phone in your pocket and are walking, but you get a call, you can just look at your watch.

In this i two buttons will be displayed like on the phone. Green to participate and red to decline. Just press whatever you want.

From your Apple Watch device you can have all the applications you have on your phone and control them from it, in case you don't know what applications you have on your Smart Watch you can control them from your phone.

While not having a direct hang-up button when your phone is locked may seem like a hassle and makes it seem more complicated, Apple did it for a reason. With the phone locked, the interface is different for avoid keystrokes that may occur by mistake by the user.

If you look closely, that's why the button to answer the call (which is the only one that appears) must be scrolled and not pressed. This happens because usually if the phone is locked it is because it is in your pocket.

Apple tried to innovate in every possible way and one of them was the ability to make phone calls from an iPad.

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