How to easily fix NAT type DNS error 80710102 on PS3

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Nowadays, the Entertainment it has different ways to reach us, as well as we reach it, due to all the technology we have available through which we can enjoy enormously. Many find hours of leisure sitting in front of the television, while others have a lot of fun seeing the news on the most popular social networks of the moment.

Meanwhile, there is a large number of people in the world enjoying one of the largest markets in entertainment, video games, one of the sectors that has grown the most in recent decades.

Since when are exited i Games, many people have called them an activity for people who have nothing better to do or even for the "nerds", but this is something that has changed a lot. Over the years, people have come to realize that this is a market through which anyone can enjoy.

There are games that stick to the tastes of many people, so if you are a sports fanatic, or you like fantastic adventures, either you are young or old; you will most likely find solace in a video game in the extensive catalog there is.

Indeed, one of the consoles of the well-known Japanese company Sony, the PlayStation 3, caused a sensation at its launch and continues to do so thanks to its extensive catalog of games that have become a work of art. Something gamers undoubtedly love is the fact that you can connect the PS3 controller to your PC for a lot more fun.

But when you have a console like PlayStation 3 in hand and we spend hours playing its different titles on the internet, we can have a problem or an error and the DNS error 80710102 it can become one of the most annoying.

Therefore, below we will take the time to teach you everything about this error, what it is, what causes it and how you can fix it, so that in the future you will not have more problems due to an annoying error like this.

What are the causes of DNS error 80710102?

There are all kinds of mistakes that the PlayStation 3 ha, but the vast majority are fixable if you follow the extensive library of errors and fixes that PlayStation has on its official page.

However, many of the solutions usually provided by the page are that you contact the PlayStation support in so that you can fix the problem and sometimes this is not an option.

In case DNS error 80710102, it is an error that occurs when there is a problem with your DNS server, the same one that your Internet provider provides, and will make it impossible for you to access the online system of your console. But you can fix it if you change the DNS server yourself via your console, which you can do by following what we will tell you next.

Fixing DNS Error 80710102

To fix this error, you need to start by activating your console and go straight to the part Configuration, where you can enter the Network configuration. Within this option, you will find the option " Internet connection setup “, In which you will have to enter and then go up "Customize".

Now, you need to indicate the type of connection you have on your console, then use the " Automatic detection "If you have a wired connection and if it's wireless, you have to choose" Security type ".

Now, in the new screen, you need to select "Automatic" within the option " IP configuration "And then select" Do not establish (DHCP host name) ". So, you just have to put the option "Manual" and enter the address " " in the address main and " "In the secondary address.

Finally put "Automatic" su "MAN", remember not to use a proxy server within the options, specifying it in the same option. Also, you will need to activate UPnP and you will have to save all the configuration to be able to resolve the error, but don't forget to test the connection before exiting. Be aware that this type of error can occur on PS4, PSN, PS VITA and PSP.

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