How to easily kick users from Instagram groups

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Today social networks represent one of the most used communication and expression tools in the world.

Through them we not only post famous photos, videos and stories like Instagram, but we also create groups to be able to talk to several friends or family at the same time 

The Instagram platform, which is one of the most popular, hasn't escaped this reality and has this kind of joint conversation.

This allows its users to take full advantage of it and ensures that they do not have to move or switch to another platform for the above.

Why, who hasn't happened to wanting to share something with more than one person and it becomes annoying to have to forward the same message ten times.

Also, this chat feature allows only the circle of users included to log in and participate in that activity.

So far so good with this useful modality, but sometimes we no longer want certain or certain people to remain in the group we have created.

Either because they disagree, or it was just added by mistake and doesn't paint with that group of friends at all.

Well, this will not be a problem since instead of leaving the group created on Instagram, then we will see how to expel one or more people from the Instagram group.

Step by step to ban from the Instagram group

Doing this is very simple, you just have to follow the steps in the correct order and you can quickly get rid of that person whose content you no longer want to see or join the chat about.

The first thing to do is to enter our instagram and go to the section " Direct messages »On Instagram, and locate the group you want to edit or manage. Then, click on that group, this can be directly on its name or on the "i".

Immediately you will be able to see the list of the different members of your group, each of them will have three vertical dots next to your name (indicating there are options).

These points are chosen, which will show you the different actions available to perform, including the ability to block, report and delete them.

Obviously, we prefer the one that suits our desire and helps us to expel the selected user from the Instagram group.

If you want to remove all participants

Now, if what you are looking for is to delete all group members at once, you just need to do the following:

  • Enter the details of the group you want to manage (as in the previous case).
  • Choose the option » Termina chat «.

And voila, that's all it takes to kick all its attendees out of the Instagram group. It is quite easy and quick.

In this sense it is important to point out that, even if eliminated from the group, the former participants will have access to the conversation history.

However, keep in mind that, in both cases, you must be an administrator of that group, if you do not have this status you will not be able to carry out expulsions.

As an additional information, we tell you that, in the same preferences section, you can also choose to leave the group alone.

This is mainly when we are included in a group that is not of our interest or simply no longer want to be part of it for any other reason.

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