How to easily link my Facebook page to my YouTube channel

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YouTube is one of the most used platforms on the web to view and share videos, in fact its average visits are 2,5 billion daily viewers. An average of one third of Internet users frequently access this platform, which is present in more than 88 countries.

That's why content creators, for the most part, put a video or trailer at the beginning of their channel, share all their content through this immense platform, and are known as youtuber.

It is well known that the social media views of content creators are very important as this can increase the views on your videos,

In this sense, Facebook it is one of the most relevant, given that in 2017 it reached the number of 2 billion users. A figure that continues to increase every day, as many people share and seek information on this popular social network.

Why link your Facebook page to your YouTube channel?

Depending on what your purpose is to link your channel YouTube to your page Facebook, you will find several advantages. On the one hand, if you want to monetize videos on your YouTube channels or earn money for viewing, you need to know that the cost on Facebook is much lower than on YouTube.

But the advantage is that to count viewing, Facebook takes a minimum of 3 seconds, while YouTube takes 30 seconds.

This, coupled with the fact that videos on Facebook work by playing automatically, there are many views that do not receive attention from the viewer.

And in case you want to increase the plays of your videos on your YouTube channel, it is more advisable to share small clips promoting your content on Facebook.

This is with the aim of attracting the audience of this social network to your YouTube channel to consume your full content.

If the latter is your case, it is best to keep yours promotional videos short, about 60 seconds, so it will be useful in other networks. In both cases you will find advantages, you just have to clearly establish your goal and then apply the best strategy as appropriate.

Link your Facebook page to your YouTube channel

To start linking your accounts you need to log into your accounts from your browser, both Facebook and YouTube. Copy, paste and access the following address Once inside the application fanpage, press the button Use app.

A new tab will open in your browser where you need to select your fan page and click the Add Page Tab button.

After about 5 seconds it will automatically redirect you to the fanpage you have selected, you will see the scheda YouTube added to the top bar.

Next, you need to configure options like adding of your YouTube channel ID, by copying your link from your channel card.

Fill out the form and press the save configuration button. Sometimes it asks you to log into your YouTube channel to give corresponding permissions.

You will automatically start to see the latest video published on your YouTube channel and below the thumbnails of the previous ones. You can configure the videos you want to see by clicking on Extra options and selecting the option you want for your page.

If you want to change the order in which are shown le tabs in so that youtube shows first, you just have to go to the Other option.

In this list, select the option Manage tabs, arrange them in the order you want and hit the Save button and you will see the changes. Put the steps and tips in this article into practice and start sharing your content across these two platforms.


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