How to easily update Fortnite on PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS and Xbox?

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The problem comes when they have the game on different platforms and have to look for different guides, which gets boring. That's why today you will see all the ways to update at the same time.

Aggiorna Fortnite su PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS e Xbox

First of all, to update the game, you need to know when Fortnite came out and what year it is. This way you can get an idea of ​​how many times you've been credited with a version upgrade.

The first to learn will be the PC, this is the simplest of all, since the Epic Games software itself does it automatically. However, there are times when you can accidentally disable an important option by preventing the update.

To solve this problem you have to start the launcher and then go to " Settings “, Here you will see an option called "Manage games" select it, you will find a box called "Allow automatic updates", if it is not activated enable it.

So keep going down until you find the Fortnite game there, make sure the box too "Fortnite automatic update" is active. With this, the game will only update each time a new patch is released.



In the case of the Sony console the same thing happens as the previous one, the updates are downloaded by themselves, so if you have enabled the automatic update option, there should be no problem.

If it does not appear automatically, go to the section " Settings "Inside the console, then to" System "And then a "Automatic Downloads".

Here you have to choose or check the box called “Application update file”, this will start automatically every time you need to update the process.

By having another controller, you can use it to play Fortnite with a generic controller on PC in case the PS4 can freeze.


This console also offers the option to automatically update, as long as the console is connected to the Internet, you just have to go to " Settings " from the menu and once inside go to " System ”Located in the sidebar.

Here you just need to enable the call option "Automatic software update". When this option is active, you just have to enter the game and once you see the sign indicating that there is a new update, click on " Accept " And that's it.

Proceed to log in or out of Fortnite, depending on what you want to do after finishing the game update process.

Xbox One

In the Microsoft console the process is almost identical to that of your Sony counterpart, you just have to go to " Settings ”To get here you have to press your username in the menu and then the icon represented as a cogwheel.


So choose " System ", then "Updates and downloads" and finally click the A button above the box named "Keep games and applications up to date".

Update on Android and iOS

Once you have finished the previous processes on how to update Fortnite on PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS and Xbox, you will have noticed that it remains only to explain the mobiles.

In the case of Android, as the game is only available as an APK, its update is very simple, the game itself will notify you on the screen, you just have to do click " Update "When the update is displayed and once the download is finished, please" Install “, After finishing this process you will be able to play.

When it comes to iOS it's the same as consoles, updates should usually be downloaded automatically. If this does not happen, go to the section " Settings ”And then go to the call option “iTunes store e App store” here check the box next to the option " Updates ”So that it remains active.

And ready with the latter you know how to update Fortnite on PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS and Xbox quickly and easily.

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