How to easily upload or paste an image to share on Facebook

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Communication is a very important part of every person's daily life in the world as well, as most people have smart devices like personal computers or cell phones, the whole communication process just got easier.

Through these devices we can talk to whoever we want and when we want, and the social networks of the moment have made it much easier and fun to do, thanks to all the ways we have to talk to others.

We are not just talking about the private messages we can send on platforms like Instagram, but also about all the content we can upload to platform in so that people can see what we are doing or what we think.

Social networks rely heavily on this communicative model, sharing photos and videos, as it is a very simple way to let others know about yourself, no matter how small. In fact, one of the platforms that does this best is Facebook, as it has tons of ways to upload an image and pass it on to others, and even high quality photos.

In fact, rather than passing it on, it is being able to make this content appear on the bulletin board, or on the timeline, of all the people we have as friends in that social network. It is almost guaranteed that they will end up stumbling upon that content that you have uploaded and any person can to react in different ways.

With that in mind, all of this content can be uploaded, but it can also be "Shared", this is a way to spread the content you have previously uploaded to the walls of others so that you can have more reactions.

And that's what we'll tell you about later, so that you know how to share the images you have on your device with others.

Upload images

It is quite a normal situation, to find an image or a video on another social network that we want to share on Facebook to show others. This is quite simple to do, since you just have to upload the image and share it.

To get started you need to upload the image, and there are tons of ways to upload an image to Facebook, since you can log into your Facebook profile and then click on the section "Photo Gallery" and then "Add photos" to follow the -screen which tells you how you can select several files and load them all at once.

After going through the above process and posting the photos, they will instantly appear on your friends wall on Facebook.

You can also do the same process uploading an image in a comment by clicking on the camera icon and then selecting the photo from your computer, the process is the same if you are on a mobile device.

Sharing images

If you are on your computer or mobile phone, you can share images as easily as you uploaded them. Whenever you have uploaded an image, or have you posted a album, these will appear within your profile, so you just have to go into this and find the images you have uploaded.

Once you are in your Profile and you have found the new publication you want to share, you just need to go to the bottom of the publication and click the button "Share", you just have to accept and you will have shared the post in your friends' wall.

Keep in mind that you can do this with both old and new posts, so you can easily revive all posts that you have created in the past. The same can be done with any posting from your friends or a page you want others to see on their wall.

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