How to Efficiently Lower Medals in Boom Beach - Helpful Tips

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Each medal obtained during the conquest of a mercenary island, i.e. from other Boom Beach players, will be 2, while if you attack islands generated by the system, i.e. from the Dark guard, it will be only one, which in a way it benefits us to prevent more powerful rivals from targeting us.

However, when we get a few medals, our progress towards victory will be much slower at first, so we need to have intelligent techniques that keep us at bay from being victims of circumstances but at the same time, advance as much as possible by leveling up.

One of the ways we can make our island as less attractive as possible to mercenaries is by being able to use all of our resources, namely gold, stone and wood, in order to strengthen our buildings. in our store.

Once this is done, we can place the our headquarters on the shore of the beach, making other players' attacks decrease only us in attacks the number of stars, without affecting our amount of available resources that we can use to improve our skills.

Tips for reducing your medals

Some users prefer to use the reduction of the medals for stop attacking enemy islands, although this is not a recommended technique, as we lose the ability to obtain other resources and, if we are playing with a group, we would automatically be discarded as a Useful player.

Among the features that you need to improve mainly, apart from the headquarters, is that of the camera to the maximum, as this will use most of your resources and it will make your game a useful and unattractive game to be a future focus of a slaughter.

It is possible to reduce the chances of attacking your island by up to 1% if you first focus on not attacking other players until the Mercenary Invasion Chance Rate reaches that level, attacking dark bases and decreasing the Invasion of the Chance. Dark Guard, do not attack more than 5 bases per day.

When attacking the dark bases, do so when the chest is available, as it will allow you to use the five medals to open the chest and take advantage of all the benefits (maps) which can help you improve your gameplay.

Other things you can consider

Always keep in mind the hours you use to play, because if you manage your time correctly, you can make improvements that level all the objects on your island, keeping medals to a minimum and proving that you are a active player.

Keep in mind that when we need to be attacked to quickly decrease our medal count, we can have our resource-filled warehouses and our headquarters on the shore for attract attention of the radar of the consequent mercenaries.

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