How to enable or disable XNUMX-Step Verification for Facebook?

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Two-Step Verification is an additional verification that you need to do when you log into Facebook from an unknown browser or device. In addition to the password, you must enter a code that validates that it is really you.

In case someone tries to log into your account with just your password, they won't be able to do so, too you will be notified when someone tries to log in to email or from Facebook notifications.

Enable Facebook XNUMX-Step Verification

Log into your personal account Click on the top right of the page, then on Settings.

Select the option Security and access.

It will redirect you to a new page where you should find the option Use two-step authentication. Select the Manage option.

Now you have to choose between two security methods which are: the access codes of a third-party authentication app and the text message (SMS) codes of the mobile phone.

Validation via mobile application

If you choose the first option of the mobile application, click on the edit option to configure the application that will be used to log in. This setting is useful for people who have a smartphone and can install a code generation app such as Authy or Google Authenticator.

Every time you start Facebook you must have your phone at hand to enter the code indicated by the application. The interesting thing about this type of application is that the code is available for a limited time, after which it is renewed and the previous one loses its validity.

Validation via text messages

The best option for people who do not have a smartphone and have no way to access a code generation application. When you select SMS validation you must enter your mobile number selecting the country of origin. Facebook will send you an SMS to complete the setup.

Once you've selected the option that's right for you, you'll have set up XNUMX-Step Verification on Facebook. If, beyond that, you wish add more levels of security to your account, configure other options such as Login only for known devices and alert settings.

Unrecognized logon warnings

You can be on the lookout if someone has attempted to log into your account by setting up alerts that notify you when an irregularity occurs in your account.

Log into your account and go to Settings from the Facebook home page. Click at the top right of the screen and select Settings.

Select the Privacy option and then Security and login.

On the new page, look for the option Receive alerts on unrecognized logins. Choose whether you want to receive notifications to your email address or from a secondary option.

Check your login

Within the settings of security and access, you can check which devices you are signed in to. Click on the Where are you signed in option and you will see a list of all the devices where your Facebook account is located. From there you can take advantage of and log out of everyone at the same time or just the session from a particular device.

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