How to enchant things and objects in Minecraft at level 1000 step by step

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Despite a long list of category, for each of them there is a video game that surely maintains a reign of years. There are few video games that unleash the creativity of their players. Since the vast majority just follow a story and culminate after completing a series of missions.

How not to talk about Minecraft?

Well, well, if there is one video game that broke with all these traditional patterns, it was Minecraft. Developed in 2009 by Mojang, it has been something to talk about since its launch thanks to its unique way of playing, in which the user has absolute freedom to do what you want.

Their popularity grew dramatically, so much so that Microsoft noticed them and ended up buying Mojang for $ 2,5 million.

When you want, where you want

In addition to being owned by Microsoft, Minecraft is available for several platforms. You currently have the option to purchase it for your computer with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Similarly you can have it on your iOS or Android mobile devices.

Likewise, you can enjoy this fantastic video game from your favorite console (PS3, PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch).

Become part of the Minecraft community

Initially, you can start your Minecraft adventure on your own. However, you also have the option to do so online, joining a large community of players from around the world to experience adventures full of emotions and adrenaline.

You still don't know what it is?

This video game may seem too simple given its pixelated look. The reason is that it is based on the construction of different types of buildings through blocks. Using the tools you will find throughout the map.

Its main attraction is the creative mode. Mode in which you will find an infinity of elements, from weapons, hunting and building tools that will allow you to build any project you can think of.

Now, if you want to unleash your adventurous spirit, you also have a survival mode available. In which, you have to wrap yourself in excellent armor and find the weapons you need to face strange creatures and any other type of enemy that seeks to end your life total.

Item spell

Whether it's building, destroying, or whatever the goal you decide to have in this video game, if there is one thing that can greatly help you accomplish what you want to do in Minecraft, it is spells. Enchanting your things and items in Minecraft gives them extra value.

The main alternative to spells is through a spell table that you will find in the video game. You just have to place the object on the table and select one of the three options that will be displayed on the screen.

The other alternative is enter a series of commands, something a little more complex, but worth trying in cases where you don't have a spell table or to cast spells that aren't available in traditional spell methods.

How to enchant your things and items to the level you want in any Minecraft mode

One of the aspects that is certainly not available with traditional methods will be the level of enchantment that can be granted to an object.

Here because commands must be used to assign stratospheric levels to your objects. As? Very simple, via the command:

  • / give @p minecraft TOOL 1 0 {ench; [{ENCHANTMENT ID, lvl ENCHANTMENT LEVEL}]}

Start enchanting your things and items in Minecraft!

With these simple tips, you already have what it takes to get started enchant all the objects mentioned you need and to assign them unexpected levels. You can even learn how to disenchant your weapons and items too, one of the wonders of Minecraft that not all people know about. Ready to put them into practice?

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