How to enter color name in Brawl Stars - Change the color of the name

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Although it has excellent graphics and battles worthy of its famous boom. Many players, unaware of certain features, have felt that the color that has your name or description is not the right one. Find out how to do it completely free.

How to enter color name in Brawl Star

  1. First you have to go to the main page, at the top left click on "trophies" and then you will have to go to your profile.
  2. Once in the profile you have to click on “settings” and your name will appear in all available colors. Choose whatever name you like and voila, you have already changed the color of your name in Brawl Star.

How to enter a multicolored name in Brawl Stars

If you don't want a specific color, but rather multi-colored, you are in the right place. It's very simple, in Brawl Stars you get boxes and big boxes, you just have to get into your boxes and get the pass for the fight. And the multicolor option will appear automatically when you change it. Too easy.

It also includes renaming functionality in Brawl Stars. If you can, the first time will be completely free, thank goodness you can get free gems because the second time if they will charge you 50 to 100 gems,  how can I do? Follow the steps we will give you below:

Similarly, go to the main page, then enter the settings and when you enter there will be a tab that says " change name ”And click there and since this is the first time you will, it will be completely free. This way you changed your name very easily.

How to join and create custom games in Brawl Star?

Create the best games in Brawl Stars

It is very simple to do it, let's start with the first one, how to create the custom games. You simply have to go to the battle area first, then they will go to the part that says friends. And then you will click on the bottom that says "create room". By clicking on it, you will launch the game in a customized way, allowing you to locate two friends.

Join other games

Likewise, it is very easy to join other games already created in custom mode, as you can see at the top of the battles section. There is a code, copy it later, go right in " game room" and you must enter the previously copied code. And that's it, so you can join other games and tournaments. As you may have noticed, it is very simple to do.

3 practical tips to help you if you are new to Brawl Star

If you are new to playing Brawl Star,  We will give you some basic but necessary advice while developing in this important sector in the world of gamers.

  1. Many times when playing on the internet it starts freezing or the game starts freezing. What you should do is close the game completely and re-enter to enjoy a good game and if what you are worried about is leaving the game, don't worry, the system is made so that when a connection fails, a bot keeps playing for you. .
  2. If you stay playing brawl ball you should keep in mind that this game is made more for scoring goals than killing an opponent, the important thing is to win.
  3. And if you want to buy boxes, wait for some offers, many times they put them at half price, saving you a lot of goodies.

Brawl star is a unique game, very funny. Don't forget to tell us how the experience went and to share it with your friends and to consider these amazing tricks.

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