How to enter or exit Fortnite Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Android, iOS and Xbox

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Its great adaptability has generated an impact on the users of this video game, because it is not common for a huge game to have this feature. Fortnite can be run on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, Android, iOS, and computer.

It allows you to play it between different platforms without restrictions of any kind. Regardless of which one is used, the user must familiarize himself with the game, so that step by step he can learn how to easily win games in Fortnite. As there are many platforms, know how to enter or exit Fortnite from each one.

Steps to log in or out of Fortnite from console and PC

Access, although it depends on each console, is very similar. However, they sometimes have some variables. To access the consoles, all you have to do is run the Fortnite application and enter the data in the boxes where the game requests them and then press " Accept ".

There are occasions when the game tends to fail due to reasons of its own or problems with the device intended to play it. One of the most common is the "crash", being necessary to have the knowledge at hand to solve the crash in Fortnite quickly and easily, avoiding inconveniences to enjoy the experience.

In case of logout, it becomes more complex, because there is no direct method from the game to perform this action. To do this, you need to enter the Epic Games page and once there, you need to log in with the Fortnite account that has the console you want to log out of.


When logging in, it is necessary to position the cursor or select, depending on the device, the username of the account located in the upper right corner and then click on the option " Account ".

This will take you to a new page where your account settings and other items will be. The "option must be selected" Connections “, Which will show all the devices you are logged in on with that Epic Games account.

On this page you will see the different platforms, " PlayStation Network "," Nintendo Switch "," Xbox One ”And the others will appear. To disconnect, simply select the boxes corresponding to each one and press the option " unlink ".

Start or log out on PC

In the case of the computer, the two processes are carried out in a simple way. To log in, you just need to enter the Epic Games account from the desktop application and then run Fortnite from there. To log out, log out of the Epic Games desktop application. Why this it is fully linked to the Fortnite account.

Previously, the Fortnite player community described some issues when starting the same session on different devices. But with the arrival of new updates it is now possible to merge Fortnite accounts on any platform, so that these types of obstacles are safely bypassed.

Steps to log in or out of Fortnite from Android or iOS devices

The process for accessing Fortnite from an Android or iOS device is simple. To do this, you need to run the previously installed game application and enter your Epic Games account details where it indicates.


Next, you have to press the option " Accept ”For logging in from your Fortnite account. In case of wanting to close the session it is different from the consoles and from the computer. The mobile application has an option to perform this function without having to go through the whole process explained above for consoles.

For mobile devices, you must select the option identified with three horizontal stripes and found in the interface before starting to play. The avatar image will appear and below you will find the option "Close session".

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