How to exit the Odin or Download mode screen of a Samsung Galaxy A50, A30, A20 and A10

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If you are a user of an original Samsung Galaxy mobile of versions ranging from A10 to A50, you may be familiar with terms such as “Odin” o “downloading”. Surely it happened to you that you accidentally pressed a button on your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and you probably fell without knowing how? in download mode.

Almost always, due to one mismanagement of the mobile phone, we fall into this situation where the Galaxy phone is completely hanging (stuck) downloading and you can't find a way out of it. Don't worry, this situation has a way out. Here we will provide you with the best options to get out of this problem without any complications.

Odin or Download What is it?

When we talk about Odin or Download, we refer to the hidden condition "Download" , which has the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, and which allows the configuration, when necessary, of some logical supports of the software or the operating system.

In this sense, in order to access the settings of your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone you will need a series of procedures, so you must be very careful not to damage or alter the functionality of the equipment.

Odin or Download mode of a Samsung Galaxy A50, A30, A20 and A10

Enter Odin mode

If you have a Galaxy mobile from version A10 to version A50 and you are not familiar with the download mode, we will tell you how to enter these steps:

  1. First of all you have to turn off your mobile.
  2. Once the phone is completely turned off, you need to press the “Volume up” and keys at the same time "Turn on device"until the Samsung power logo appears.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, you need to release the power key and press and hold the volume up key. Next, you will see a programming style menu from your phone. This smartphone module is known as recovery mode. In other Galaxy models, in addition to these two buttons, you also need to press the home button or the button.
  4. Being in recovery mode you need to use the volume keys to navigate the menu, keep in mind that the power button represents the ENTER key.
  5. When your smartphone is in recovery mode, you need to select option two from the “Reboot to bootloadear” menu and press “ENTER”.
  6. Then the screen will turn off, press the volume down key for a few seconds, until you see a blue screen, like a kind of download symbol (down arrow). At that point the device will be in Downloader mode.

Exit the Odin or Download mode screen

Involuntarily, or for other reasons, you are entered Odin or Downloader mode of your Galaxy Smartphone and you don't know how to get out without causing any damage to your device, then this information is for you. Here we will show you three simple ways to solve this situation:


  • Press the buttons simultaneously "Increase volume" and "turn on the phone" for a few seconds. The device will turn off immediately.
  • Turn the phone back on as usual, Done and the phone is in hers normal working conditions.

Interestingly, by performing these quick and easy steps, no information previously saved on your phone device is lost.

According to:

Enough wait for your mobile battery to discharge And that's it. While it's an easy and simple way, it's not fast at all. As the battery may take a long time to fully discharge.


Remove the battery, you have to wait a few seconds and reinsert it into the phone. Turn on the phone, wait for it to turn on. Then proceed to connect your phone to a computer, if you see that it reads it as a "storage device" your Odin jam problem will be solved.

In summary, it can happen to anyone that our mobile phone is unintentionally stuck in this condition of download (download), that's why the information provided here will turn your panic into a learning, simple and safe for your Samsung Galaxy mobile.

 because on this site you will also find an article in which we will explain what you need to do to enter download mode in Samsung.

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