How to fill out and sign a PDF on your mobile quickly and easily

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Nowadays we often send PDFs, Word documents and other files via WhatsApp, email or mail managers; for both business and personal reasons. And at some point you will have had to fill out a document in PDF format or even create a PDF digital signature to be able to sign it; Could you make it or did you find it difficult? Here you will learn how to fill out and sign a PDF document from your mobile.

To start you need to download an application on your operating system, this time we will use an application called Adobe Fill & Sign, a free application that you can get for both iPhone and Android.

How to fill out and sign a PDF on your mobile

Once opened, it is very easy to fill out or sign PDF documents. First of all, you need to define a signature which you can then insert into your documents. Now go to the icon which is shaped like a pen; then press “Create signature”, and automatically the screen will rotate so that it is more convenient to generate the signature.

In case you don't like how the signature turned out, and you want to repeat it, you just need to tap the “Delete” link in the lower right corner. If you liked it, click "Done" in the upper right corner. After defining the signature, you go back to having your mobile in the initial position.

Now you just have to choose the document you want sign and fill it out. We will go little by little, for this, you just have to select the icon that is in the center of the screen; “Select a form to fill in”, touching that icon moves a Menu where you can choose the source.

The place where the file or document you want to edit is located, if it is on your mobile you can use the option “File Browser” or search for it directly from the web.

Compiling a PDF document on your device can save you from trouble

To show you how to use this application I will teach you with the "Sample Form" which appears at the bottom of the screen; As it is quite small to use, you can zoom in by stretching the screen with two fingers, until you focus on the part of the form you want to fill out.

To do this you have to touch with your finger the space where you want to start entering the information you want to save in the form; In case you are in the NAME box, enter a test name, in the text box you have several options.

For example, with the symbols of the lowercase "a" and the capital "A" you can change the size of the letter, and when you click on the icon with the three dots, you will have special icons, after having written all the needed information, you just have to move it to the position where you want to leave it.

Gradually you can complete the form until you have completed it and it is time to sign, you just have to go to the icon at the bottom which is shaped like a pen. We press on it and the signature you defined earlier appears there; We choose it, we position it in the place you like best and then you can enlarge or reduce it as you wish.

And if you've noticed, every time you make a change, you'll have the option to use the symbol of basket to delete that action and edit it again.

If you are satisfied with how the document was; you just have to press the done button in the upper right corner, and with this the form would have already been filled in and signed.

To verify this, you just have to open the document again and see how all the information was saved including the signature you had defined.

If the PDF document contains material that needs to be protected or is copyrighted; It is a good idea to add a watermark to the PDF document before sending it to the final recipient. Also depending on the case it is possible to create a PDF file with an expiration date and which cannot be printed.

Sending that document to another person is very simple; You just have to open it and click on the share icon in the lower right corner.

There you will see the different applications with which you can send it or print it. So we culminate with this fabulous post, we hope you enjoyed it and it will serve you a lot.

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