How to find and find my iPhone or iPad if it is lost or stolen

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Losing a mobile device is a common problem on a daily basis, which you shouldn't worry about if you are an Apple user, as this operating system allows you to search and find your iPhone or iPad if you have been a victim of this situation.

While many people don't enable this feature, the GPS position mobile phone is what will allow you to find and retrieve the equipment in this type of case.

Similarly, through this method you can also protect the information that is stored in the cloud and in the internal memory of the device. The only thing you need to make sure is that the option "Find my device" is activated on the iPhone or iPad you lost.

“Find my device” function activated

The Apple operating system has an option called "Search" which will allow you to locate the lost device and will offer you a number of measures to protect the information contained therein while you are able to retrieve it.

Since you probably don't have the means to use it, you can sign in using another iOS device or sign in to iCloud to use the "Search" option.

Once started, you just have to select the iPhone or iPad that you have lost in so that the map of the application shows you its location. In case this device is close to where you are, this program also allows you to play a sound or vibration to search and find your lost iPhone or iPad.

If unfortunately it is a considerable distance from where you are, you can select one of the following options:

Mark the Apple device as lost

This feature allows di block the iPhone o l’iPad even when not manipulated and, in turn, display a personalized message that will display the desired content, including your address or location number.

Likewise, he will be in charge of sending you a code to the support of your choice to unlock the device once it is recovered.

Another feature of this option is track the location of the mobile phone and block the use of assigned payments in Apple Pay.

AppleCare ++ for theft and loss

In the event that you have decided to affiliate one of your devices with this insurance provided by Apple, you can use this option to register a complaint.

The operator will be responsible for the deactivation of your Apple ID account to prevent the development of calls, messages or the use of any data that has been stored there.

"Find my device" function disabled

There is a possibility that you have not enabled this feature before any of your Apple devices have been stolen or lost, so you will not be able to use this method to locate it.

In this case, you have several solutions to try to protect your data stored in your account or on your computer.

Change your Apple ID password

This little fix will prevent the person finding your device from use the information found within it.

It should be noted that it is possible to block the use of the services offered by the operating system, which are directly related to the state of your own account Apple.

Another recommendation is to also change the passwords of other Internet accounts, including email and social networks, to avoid invasion of your privacy.

Report loss or theft

The local police can be of great help in this type of situation, especially when it is not within your reach to locate your device.

Normally, one of the requirements for reporting is provide the serial number with which the iPhone or iPad is registered that you have lost.

Remove the device from your trusted list

Regarded as the last option in case you cannot find and find your iPhone or iPad which has been lost or stolen. This will cause your account to delete all data related to the device and you will lose the ability to locate it in the future.

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