How to find my lost mobile phone with Xiaomi Mi Band - Step by step

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Through the Xiaomi Band a connection is established with your mobile phone and among the utilities of this connection there is the creation of a log of the steps you have taken, recording your heart rate and sports activities, it shows you the current time and you can receive notifications via WhatsApp, emails, text messages or calls, set the location, even set the alarm with your Xiaomi Mi Band.

The technology offered by a Xiaomi Band has gone much further. Revolutionizing the way you do your daily activities and making them much more practical. It is now possible to track the lost smartphone via your wrist device.

How to find my lost mobile phone with Xiaomi Mi Band

Today we teach you how to establish one secure connection between your mobile device and your Xiaomi Band. To allow, among other things, the tracking, through the following steps:

  • The first thing you should do is to establish the connection between your Xiaomi Band and your mobile phone. To do this, it is necessary download application We Fit via the Play Store.
  • Once downloaded, enter the application and create a profile.
  • Click the options menu within the app and select the option for add a bracelet device.
  • The option to add a scale, watch or bracelet will appear. Choose the latter.
  • By executing this option you will receive a notification on your Xiaomi Band that will ask you if you want to pair with your mobile device.
  • Awards accepts, wait a few seconds and then the current time will appear on the screen of your smart bracelet. This means that the pairing was successful.

At this point you can start using your Xiaomi Band normally.

Now in case you have lost your mobile because it was stolen, or you just lost it, you need to do the following:

  • Swipe up or down on the smart bracelet.
  • Subsequently, will un options menu.
  • Select the option "Find my device".
  • Then the mobile phone will start emitting some kind of loud sound, which will make it much easier to spot it.

It is important to emphasize that no matter what profile the mobile device is in, it will emit the alarm signal.

General aspects of the Xiaomi Band

The Chinese mobile phone and Xiaomi device industry ranks high as manufacturers. Since they offer the public new technologies and smart applications, this is the case with the Xiaomi Band.

The strap device has a smart color screen, with a long battery life, as it takes less than an hour and a half to fully charge. It offers information of interest, count of steps taken, heart rate monitoring, measures sleep hours and allows you to read the notifications from mobile.

Xiaomi Band also has a sensor that constantly counts the number of beats or beats. So it is easy to monitor heart rate for people who play sports.

Its internal configuration also has the ability to deliver  constant information about your location  current. It is the number of steps a person has taken when moving from one place to another. Even if the person decides to rest or sleep, Xiaomi counts the hours of sleep in which he remains at rest.

It turned out to be quite an attractive device for the public. Since it performs all the actions of the mobile devices of other companies. It also stands out for its price, which is affordable, La Xiaomi mi band it is a very useful device of good quality, water resistant and much cheaper than competing models.

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