How To Fix A Suspension Of PSN Access On PS5 - Ultimate Solution

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Being able to access PlayStation Network from a PS5 is a convenient and unparalleled way to enjoy the services of this platform.

However, many players often receive a message that they have been suspended. If this has happened to you, let us show you how to fix it.

Why is the 'PSN Access Suspended' error displayed on your console?

The suspensions on PlayStation Network are almost never specified on the reason behind. That's why we will show you the most frequent reasons.

Spreading false information

You may have made the mistake of spreading false information about another player. This is a defamation offense and the Sony brand is very strict about it.

For this reason, its conditions highlight that all types of deception are prohibited. This ranges from reporting lies about another user to offering non-existent prizes or rewards and any such act.

Participate in acts of violence or harm against someone

If you engage in any activity against another PlayStation Network user that is considered abusive, it could be an automatic cause of suspension of your account on this platform.

Defining which activity can be classified as illegal is complicated, since the range is quite wide. However, there are some that are very easy to identify:

  • Discriminatory mentions.
  • Usernames with offensive meanings.
  • Constant harassment of other platform members.

If you cheat in a game

We all know that some PS5 games allow us to do some tricks to our advantage. Well, this is another attitude that Sony does not like at all.

Therefore, if you have recently used codes or any other method to gain an advantage in a video game, this could be the reason why you have been suspended.

You have sent SPAM

SPAM is condemned on many platforms and PlayStation Network is no exception. Whether you have sent advertising links, invitations to spend money, etc. All of this can be considered spammer content and is grounds for suspension.

Create a profile with false information

Finally, if you created a profile with false information or someone else's identity, this may have been the reason for your suspension.

In this case, the consequences for you as a user are much greater, since there have been times when the suspension becomes a permanent expulsion.

What are the ways to get rid of this error on your PS5?

Suspensions of this type have various solutions, as long as you have not made a mistake so serious as to be permanently suspended. If not, try one of these methods:

Make a complaint

This first option seems to be the most recommended. Basically, this involves filing a complaint with PSN to get the suspension lifted.

If you know you made a mistake, it would be wise to include an apology. Even so, there are cases where the response to these claims takes nearly a year to arrive.

How long is a PSN suspension on PS5?

A suspension on PlayStation Network usually arrives in the mail to the user, and there it is specified how long it will last. If it's something serious, it could last several months.

If it is not so severe, the suspension will certainly be one or two weeks. In that sense, you have the option to wait for that period and you will no longer be suspended.

Check out PlayStation support services

The last option is to go to PlayStation support and communicate directly with the main platform. For this you have to follow three steps:

  • Enter the platform.
  • Locate the button " Account and security ” and premilo.
  • From the options choose "Locks and suspensions".

As soon as you have done all this, a window with a contact number will appear. Use it to call the company and ask for the suspension to be lifted.

Where do I see that this suspension has already been lifted on my PS5?

If you are suspended, an error will be displayed on the main screen when you log into your PlayStation 5. Therefore, as soon as it stops appearing it is because they have already lifted the suspension.

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