How to fix CE-36329-3 error in PS4 software without deleting save data?

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How to fix CE-36329-3 error in PS4 software?

Going straight to the point, to fix the CE-36329-3 error, it's not strictly necessary to reset or restore a PS4 to factory settings (although that's what Sony recommends on their page).

This error is known to occur checks when a message with a virus arrives within an email sent internally to Play (between users), which carries a Trojan which affects the account opening the message, preventing them from accessing.

So, to get rid of this annoying error without deleting the saved data, what you need to do is delete the affected account. To achieve this, close any type of open session with the affected account (unlink it from everything).

Then create a new user or login with one you already have inside your PS4, with it, go to the "Settings" section, then to "Login Settings" and end up entering the call option «User management».

Within this interface there will be all the users of your PS4, so go to the affected account and press "Delete user", finally create a new user with the account data you deleted to have it again as if it were new.

In the unlikely event that this solution doesn't work for you, you will have to choose to rebuild the database from safe mode. Achieve this process by pressing the power button until you hear two beeps.

With that you enter safe mode, there you will see a screen where you have to press the option «Rebuild the database» and that's it.

Prevention for never having this failure!

After reading the above, you already know how to fix the CE-36329-3 error, so now you will see a prevention that Sony has provided on its official page and on Twitter, in so that this error never occurs.

This prevention is achieved as follows: first download the PlayStation app for Android or IOS (depending on your mobile), when you have it, enter it and go to the section "Privacy settings".

Then and from there select  "Personal Information", then "Messages", with that you will be on a screen with the specifications of the e-mails arriving, there change the permissions of how the messages arrive to «None».

And voila, this way there will be no way for the infected message to reach you, so you won't miss the error on your PS4, obviously this is a pretty extreme measure, so you don't have to do it forever, only apply it if you suspect that someone might try to harm you.

That said, you have nothing left to do here, since you have finally learned how to fix the CE-36329-3 error, but before you go, as a final recommendation you should investigate your console and its errors more.

For example, you can learn how to change the PS4 disk, so that you have more memory here, or even switch to the best DNS, so that you have more speed when playing your favorite titles and not suffer from LAG.

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