How To Fix DirectX Error In Call Of Duty Warzone On Windows

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There is currently a growing trend to play video games online, using mobile devices, video game consoles and personal computers. Games like Call Of Duty Warzone are addicting in many cases.

But unfortunately there are some problems when we want to use the PC. It is for this reason that we have brought you the following article which will teach you how to fix DirectX error in Call Of Duty Warzone on Windows.

these problems with DirectX they are usually very common and are found in several games when trying to install it on a PC. It had already been seen in Call Duty Modern Warfare and also in Battle Royale. But even if you don't believe it, it is possible to correct this flaw and we will guide you so that you learn how to fix it and not waste time on anything but playing.

It is important that you discuss the minimum requirements before installing any game on your PC. Otherwise it will be impossible for you to play this or any other game. It is for this reason that before indicating the steps to follow we will show you what are the minimum requirements that you must take into consideration to play Call of Duty Warzone.

How To Fix DirectX Error In Call Of Duty Warzone On Windows

The minimum requirements needed to play Call Duty Warzone on your PC are as follows, first of all you must have DirectX 12 installed. The CPU must be AMD FX 6300 or it can also be Intel Core i3 -4340. You must have a Radeon HD 7950 graphics card or an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or 1650 graphics card.

The operating system must be Windows 10 64 Bit or Windows 7 64 Bit, the RAM memory must be at least 8 GB and the hard disk 101 GB HD. If you own a computer with these specifications or higher than these, rest assured that you will be able to play without problems. Now we will directly tell you what you should do if you have this problem.

What should I do to fix DirectX error in Call Of Duty Warzone on Windows

It makes sense that you want to correct this error, since Call of duty warzone became a sensation this year. So if you want to fix this problem then you need to do the following and it is very likely that you will have driver problems. If DirectX is out of date or you do not have the latest drivers, you will not be able to play on your PC and you will need to update DirectX to the latest version.

In theory this point is what produces the error with DirectX, but in case you have the latest update and necessary drivers then you should try something else. If you have Overclocking software on your computer, you need to disable it, this needs to fix the error, in case that doesn't happen, try something else.

It is also possible for this error to occur on your computer running the Windows operating system, if you are using a second monitor. This error usually occurs when you use two monitors at the same time. Then we will ask you to disable the second monitor, so that the error does not keep appearing, if the error persists, try something else.

Another possible cause that shows you the DirectX error is the speed of images per second or as it is known FPS. In this case it should be limited to at least 60 FPS, this should solve the problem, if not try lowering the texture quality to Normal. Or you can play 1080P.

These are the actions you can take to fix the DirectX related issues and that were shown during the appearance of this game. One last thing you can try if the above didn't work. It is to log into and use the Scan and Repair option, so that you have an online solution.

And in this way we have finished this article, which showed you the different solutions that you can apply when the errore DirectX in Call Of Duty Warzone su Windows.

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