How To Fix Error 11 & 12 Pokémon GO Fake GPS Joystick?

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Error 11-12 Pokémon Go Joystick GPS fake yes is presented to many users of this popular game. And, among other things, it prevents you from enjoying it properly.

This error is linked to the GPS connection, or lack thereof, so actions cannot be performed normally. However, there are some solutions you can use to fix it.

Error 11-12 Pokémon Go, what happens?

It is no secret to anyone that to play Pokémon Go, in any aspect of it, either the GPS of the device to be used must be activated. Otherwise the app would be meaningless and limited to its full potential.

In this sense, the 11-12 Pokémon Go Joystick fake GPS error is linked, in fact, to a lack of connection with the global positioning system. This means that as the app is running, the user cannot do anything within it.

Another feature of this problem is that the warning message pops up immediately when you open the app, even if you have just created your Pokémon account. He is presented with a legend that refers to the fact that this signal was not found.

Steps to fix the fake GPS joystick error

If you have installed the fake GPS Joystick, you will know that the its main utility is to generate fictitious addresses, you can play Pokémon Go with. However, these simulators can have problems that you can regularly fix.

Avoid Play Updates

You can fix fake GPS error 11-12 Pokémon Go Joystick by preventing Google services from updating automatically. For this you have to enter the "Settings" of your device and go to the "Applications" section.

Now, you have to search through the different apps until you can see and press “Google Play Store”. When the information opens, you need to press the “Data usage” button and then slide the button "Background data" or in the background.

Google Play services

You can also try disabling background data from Play Services. Similarly, in the "Settings" section and in "Applications", now choose "Google Play Services" and "Data usage". Finally, there are those who recommend disabling both "Background data" and "Unlimited data use".

Pokémon Go and Fake GPS Joystick permissions

Make sure you check that permissions for both applications are enabled, that is, both "Background data" and their unrestricted use. Also, the “Camera” and “Location” buttons must be green.

Turn on high accuracy

In order to play smoothly, it is important to activate position determination accurately. This means that the your device will use all means to secure the location.

In this sense, you have to open the "Settings" and select the "Security and location" section. Then, find and access the tab dedicated exclusively to "Location".

You will then have several options, but the one you need will use Google's high accuracy for location. You can also find it, in the old models, as "High precision".

Upgrade Pokémon

If with this you are unable to resolve error 11-12 Pokémon Go Joystick GPS fake, then you should try to restart the application. If you still can't fix it, you may need to update Pokémon Go to its latest version.

This can be done as a normal update, if you have it available in the store. However, to avoid other types of errors, you can uninstall the Pokémon and reinstall it in its most recent delivery.

Keep your phone up to date

Another aspect you should keep in mind is that the old versions of the operating system, for example on Android, can hinder the execution of these programs. So updating the operating system might be the solution you need.

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