How to fix error code 43 and 29 in Valorant on Windows

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Valorant has been very popular with fans of Shooter-type video games. However, some problems were encountered upon logging in. For this reason, we invite you to read this article with which you will learn how to fix error code 43 and 29 in Valorant on Windows

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a based video game on the application of tactics and strategies. Before you know if a game works on your PC, you need to know that Valorant takes place in two-team games where each has five characters. The video game allows users to choose an agent with specific abilities that affect the battlefield.

The abilities of each agent serve to complete the shooting mechanics that each player applies in Valorant. The most interesting thing is that in each game different strategies can be applied which will depend on certain tactical elements that each user wishes to develop.

What is error 43 and 29 in Valorant?

Error code 29 is related to a network problem. Typically, this error is associated with Windows Firewall when the antivirus you have installed on your computer cannot recognize the Valorant game. Therefore, the firewall must recognize Valorant to allow it to run.

For its part, error 43 usually appears with the message “An error occurred while connecting to the platform, please restart the game”. Therefore, it is only possible to close the game and the session cannot be recovered. Commonly, such an error occurs when the connection between the computer and the Valorant server goes down.      

How to fix error code 43 and 29 in Valorant on Windows

If you want to fix error code 43 and 29, you need to a stable Internet connection in so you can follow the steps we present below.

Change your firewall settings in Windows

You can fix error 29 in Valorant by changing the settings of Windows Firewall. To do this, type "control panel" in the search engine and click on this application. Select the "System" section and click on "Windows Firewall". Remember that it is not recommended to permanently remove the Firewall in Windows because it exposes your computer to threats.

Then click "Allow this program to communicate through Windows Firewall". Select "Change settings" and proceed to remove all the options indicated by the Valorant game and add a new one with the "Allow another application" button.

Add an exception

Look at the following address C: RiotGames VALORANT live VALORANT.exe e add firewall exception. Then, press the “OK” button. Review the list of exceptions and check all the boxes related to “Valorant”. Then click the "OK" button.

Perform the same procedure for the C: Riot Programs Vanguardvgc.exe address and at the client level with the C: Riot GamesRiot ClientRiotClientServices.exe address. Remember to always click on "OK".

Check your internet connection

It is convenient to check the Internet connection when you enter the speed test website. There, you will get exact information about the download speed. If this is very low and there is a high level of latency, there may be connection problems with the Valorant video game.

Disable the Windows firewall

You should also check the Windows firewall to see if it is blocking Valorant from running. In this case, you can disable the firewall, disable Windows Defender and open Valorant again. Remember to enable the firewall again to keep your computer safe.

Restart your computer

You may need to restart your computer only to resolve error 43 when there is a file that conflicts with Valorant, then log off and reboot the system it might be the quickest solution.

Close the Valorant process

If the error persists, go to task manager, find the Valorant process and right-click on it. Then, click "End Task" and restart the game.

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