How To Fix Insufficient RAM Error In Photoshop

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Photoshop is one of Adobe's editing tools, it deserves a set of specifications in our computer which is sometimes difficult to satisfy, so it is common to read the error message of Insufficient RAM in Photoshop.

To solve this problem there are several options that are shown in the development of this article which can be very useful if you want to use this program.

How to avoid a low RAM message in Photoshop?

Primarily it is necessary to understand that this message may appear for several reasons;  for example if you have an unofficial version of the program installed or your computer does not have the necessary specifications to run the program.

But there are also solutions for these problems, some are simpler than others and you may need to combine some of them.

Install an official version of the program

It is well known that Photoshop is an application considered professional in its field and therefore its price is quite high; but if you want to use this tool to work, we recommend that you buy an official version.

Allow the use of your RAM

Photoshop allows you to change the amount of RAM it uses while the application is in use, you can increase the amount of memory allowed for the program, and thus fix the problem.

For this you need to enter Photoshop, click on the “Edit tab c ion ”, scroll through the menu until you reach the” option Pref Renze ".

Once the menu has been displayed, go to " Performances ”There it is necessary to use the scroll bar to increase the RAM usage of the program.

You can take it up to 70% so that the rest of the programs used on your computer don't break down while using Photoshop.

Update the RAM drivers

Like any technological device, our computer also needs updates for optimal functioning.

For this we advise you to update the drivers for your Ram hardware, open the Start of your pc and type " Device management ".

Once opened, the administrator locates the section “Devices with memory technology “; there you can locate your RAM hardware, with the right mouse button, view the options and select " Update Driver ".

The system will take care of finding the latest version of the driver and updating it, once this is done, the Ram will be able to run Photoshop without problems.

Install more RAM

If the problem is not solved with the above options, this suggests that the problem is given because your computer has too little RAM to run Photoshop.

Some editors recommend to have up to 6 GB of RAM to be able to use Photoshop optimally;  This is why, if you have very little RAM, the chance that the tool will throw you the low RAM message in Photoshop is quite high.



We know that Photoshop's usefulness is quite high if you are a graphic designer, photographer, or advertiser, so we recommend that you purchase a computer that is compatible with Photoshop's requirements. In case you don't know it is also used by architects, as with this program you can create an architectural project.

Photoshop is a program with multiple tools, some of which can be installed separately as brush presets or the best Photoshop brushes.

We can also suggest to always use officially acquired software;  in this way you can have the necessary advice in case of any inconvenience that may arise with the program.

We also consider it important to have an external memory or external hard disk where you can save your projects, in this way it reduces the use of the computer memory and facilitates its operation.

Finally this program was created for the design professionals;  If you do not have the necessary knowledge to use this program, we suggest that you use a lower category one that can facilitate the editing of your photos.

With this tutorial we hope to have clarified your doubts and that the problem of insufficient RAM in Photoshop has been fixed so that you can continue to create and let your imagination fly with the number of options this program offers you.

Since it is a multi-tool program, it tends to have errors. Another mistake the Photoshop program may present to you is when the crop tool freezes.

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