How to fix League of Legends main error? - Solution lol

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How to fix League of Legends main error?

To get straight to the point, you need to know that there are many ways to correct '"Main error" in League of Legends, because such a mistake is very common.

The cause is due to connection problems. And that's it, you can't ask that much from servers hosting thousands of players at the same time. The task of making them work 100% all the time is next to impossible for the Riot company.

Although you must also consider that it could be your fault and your Internet connection, as well as programs you have installed such as a firewall, which can cause interference between the connection to the server and the network.

You can recognize this error because you will miss a main error message, but similarly you may get an unknown error message, a connection error , for an error of the firewall, among many others that will make your game impossible.


With that in mind, now we have to go to the best solutions to solve this problem. The first would be to check the current status of the server. It may sound silly but it isn't, as the server hosts the connection.

If you want to check it, you have to go to the page Riot and look for the status section of the Riot Games service, there you will be asked to choose the language to play in. This will show you a page with the problems that may occur on that server, if all goes well, go to the next solution.

Effective solutions against bankruptcy

If you have not been able to correct the main mistake of League of Legends with the above, it's time to move on to more complex methods. The first would be to make an exception to the computer's firewall.

To add the exceptions you have to go to the “Control Panel” and from there to “Windows Firewall”, inside it you have to find and click on the option “Allow an application or a feature inside the Windows firewall”.

Once done, look for two LoL executables that should appear and enable them in the public and private columns. In case they don't show up, add them manually. To do this, you need to click "Change settings" and then on "Allow another application".

This will allow you to search for executables that are respectively in the paths C: Riot Games League of Legends lol.launcher.exe e C: NRiotGames League of Legends RADSystem rads_user_kernel.exe. When you add them, you do click su "OK" And that's it.


IP and DNS release and cleaning

In case the above didn't work for you, you can try to clean or release the IP and DNS. To do this you need to press the Windows key on your keyboard, then type cmd, then right click on the same option and click "Run as administrator".

With that action you will get a window where you can write commands, in this place ipconfig / release and hit enter, then put ipconfig / renew and enter again. Finally write ipconfig / flushdns, with that you can close the command line and try to connect.

And that was the final solution for today, so you can tell that you know the answer to the question How to fix the League of Legends "main mistake" Now you just have to go to your game and start trying your luck. Remember there are multiple solutions, just search the internet.

In the remote case, nothing works for you, so you'll need to open a live chat to get League support, or you can even email the team directly. If you don't know what League of Legends Gmail is, then you can search the web for it.

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