How to fix "Lock Screen" in League Of Legends

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In case you are wondering how to fix the error “Screen Freezes” di League Of Legends, look no further, we will guide you here. Read the following guide to find some solutions to this problem which makes it impossible to play normally.

Why does the LOL screen freeze and then close?

This is a more common problem than you might think e there are multiple causes for frozen screen in LOL and other games, below we explain the three most common causes for this problem.

Hard drive problems

A possible cause is that your hard drive is too saturated or that it has too low a reading and writing speed by game standards, in this case we recommend that you see how much space you have available and if it is not the problem, then try to update the HDD for an SSD.

You probably have little RAM

Another cause could be that your computer is running out of RA memory, as the years go by the games and programs are updated and gradually require more RAM, in case your PC or laptop has spaces available from add additional memory yes advises to do so.

You may have problems with the client or the game in general

Finally, it could be due to a bad game installation or an update, so if you're sure the problem isn't your RAM or your hard drive, you'll want to reinstall the game to solve the problem.

How To Fix And Prevent League Of Legends Screen Lock

If after downloading and installing League Of Legends you have problems, don't be alarmed, we have a guide because of this. Read on to learn more about the game's bugs.

There are many reasons for the game League of Legends crashes, but there are also countless possible solutions. That said, read the following information to know the basic methods of solving this problem.

Uninstall the game and then reinstall it

Many times the screen freezing problem can be due to errors in files. The problem may have been caused by a virus, power outage, or writing error in League Of Legends files.

If you have such errors, uninstalling League of Legends and installing it again is something worth considering. That said, uninstall LOL from the Windows wizard, download again the Launcher e install it again.

Of course, in most cases this of usually fixes the error, but fortunately there are other measures. If the problem persists, don't worry, there are other options to fix LOL screen lock.

Analyze the temperatures

In case you are using an old computer or laptop, it would not hurt to check the temperatures of the computer. The truth is that i problems with temperature devices can be harmful and cause the screen to freeze.

That said, it's best to install programs like MSI Afterburner or Open Hardware Monitor, the latter of which can be downloaded from its official website. Open Hardware Monitor it will be useful for checking graphics and processor temperatures. You just have to download it, run it and see the temperatures after playing LOL.

Play some time and analyze the temperature values ​​with the program. If you see temperatures above 85c, the situation will need to be resolved. An appropriate measure is change the thermal paste processor, as it wears out over time.

Having adequate temperatures will be necessary for you to be able to use your computer smoothly while playing LOL or using any application. For this reason, if you play on PC, we recommend that you keep track of them to avoid future problems. Ultimately, improving PC cooling is very important.

Analyze running programs

Apart from the above, some applications can cause problems and you get the error that the screen freezes in League of Legends. For this reason it is advisable to analyze the programs of automatic start on the computer.

Update all drivers on your PC

Updating drivers is always a good option, this is because they can sometimes cause conflicts with new game updates when they are found driver obsoleti cause the frozen screen problem.

To perform this action we can use the task manager and go to the “Start” section. There, scan the programs and disable the ones you don't need or the ones that seem suspicious to you. By disabling some, you can free up memory and improve performance if that's the cause.

Use cleaners, update drivers to optimize your computer, and League Of Legends

The use of cleaning programs such as CCleaner it is highly recommended to improve computer performance and fix bugs. Certainly applications of this style have the ability to clean our computers, which is highly recommended.

There are several cleaning programs for your computer, but we recommend CCleaner, thanks to its many advanced options. Remember that you can configure CCleaner in an advanced way and perform a more thorough cleaning of the system.

Likewise, another cause of problems are outdated drivers. An old and outdated driver can cause problems in applications like LOL, so update the drivers for your graphics and the rest of your system.

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