How to fix Mobile Legends unknown or unknown error?

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The unknown error in Mobile Legends is one of the most annoying bugs and the one with fewer immediate fixes. Is one disadvantage that can turn your games upside down and the playing time in the application.

Many users cannot find a specific reason why this problem occurs. But luckily you can perform several methods which will surely put an end to this error and you will be able to keep playing this one amazing MOBA for mobile devices.

Disable the use of confidential application data

This game problem it can be caused by an unstable connection under certain circumstances. That is, if the data passing is limited or their usage is not constant, it can cause an error like the unknown error in Mobile Legends.

Why is this happening? There is an Android feature that has been incorporated in the most recent versions to 4.4.1 that limit the use of the connection. This was created primarily to prevent the device from using the data unnecessarily.

In this way, many applications such as social networks or any other that used massive background use of the network would be limited. But it can also act the same way during use, generating certain problems.

In the case of the great MOBA Mobile Legends, it is estimated that it is one of the reasons why the "Unknown Error" and appears you need to disable the function to correct it.

To achieve this, you need to access the section that allows you to manage applications and where you can make all relevant changes. Once inside this section, search for Mobile Legends among all the apps installed and select it.

This will take you to a different place, where you can create different fields regarding the app behavior. Out of all these settings, you will see one that will say something like “Limited use of data” and that you will have to choose to set to “Only with mobile data”.

Clear cache or app data

You can also try clearing the app cache to fix the unknown error in Mobile Legends. This can be done from the same section you entered earlier, which is your device's app administrator.

In it, you will have to access the personal section of the application again and look for the "Clear cache" button. Once you hit this command, you will see how the memory or space the game occupies decreases a bit, indicating that it has been successfully deleted. Obviously, for this to take effect, you need to close the background application to stop it completely and then restart it.

Check for available updates

It is normal for these types of errors to appear because the version of the game on your device is out of date. And that you didn't notice it could be due to a limitation of the PlayStore notifications.

Regardless, go to the “My apps and games” section in the store and check if Mobile Legends has a new version. If so, you can select the button that says "Update" and wait for the process to complete.

Restarting the device usually fixes the unknown error in Mobile Legends
another way to fix this game glitch is to reboot your device to reset certain values. Something you can easily achieve by pressing the power button and choosing the "Restart" option.

Sometimes, you may be able to fix the problem, as, during system startup, the software itself detects problems and corrects them automatically.

Uninstall and reinstall

As a workaround for the unknown error in Mobile Legends and in case none of the above methods fails, you can uninstall the Android app. With this, you will be able to eliminate all traces of conflicts with the game and, later, you can reinstall it on your device from the store.

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