How To Fix Pokemon Go Crashes - Complete Repair Guide

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Being one of the most acclaimed games of the moment it does not exempt Pokémon Go from having failures in its operation, as happens occasionally with more games and applications on iOS and Android.

For fans, the fall of the game can mean a great catastrophe. If you are one of them, we invite you to read this article and we promise to help you solve it.

What are the most common problems with Pokémon Go functioning?

Among the failures that sometimes prevent us from enjoying the video game are problems when connecting with the servers, due to the fact that they tend to be saturated with the number of people connected around the world, difficulty in accessing the GPS signal or that the game does not even allow us to open.

It can also happen that the game stops constantly or the trainer does not move, the cellphone battery runs out too quickly while we play and many other inconveniences as well.

But, although the number of problems can be alarming, we don't have to worry, as many of them have a simple solution.

What can I do to fix crashing problems in Pokémon Go?

Solutions to Pokémon Go Problems they vary depending on what is presented to us in the game, but in general they are very simple and doable. In case the game crashes or runs very slowly, we can start with:

Wait and have it come back

Sometimes it's that simple. Having a little patience and understanding the drawbacks that we can encounter in this type of video game, we can verify that the fault is not serious by waiting a few minutes for it works properly.

If after having fun the problems are not solved, there are other solutions we can take, for example, the following measure:

Restart the game

Updating the game data is the solution to many of the problems already mentioned and we can do it from the advanced configuration where we will find the designated option for this function.

And also a possible solution to uninstall the game and install it again, without worrying that the progress we have made will be lost. This is possible, as the information is stored in your Pokémon Go account, with which you can log out and restart it just like in a Facebook account.

It is worth checking if we have the latest version of Pokémon Go. If not, the game update may fix the malfunctions.

If we restart the game over and over again and uninstall and install it without getting favorable results, it means that the problem is much more serious. And in that case, it remains only:

Report the bug

We can report Pokémon Go issues to Niantic assistants who work to resolve any glitches in the game. They usually don't respond to reports they receive, but they don't take into account to improve the experience of their users.

How can I prevent Pokémon Go from crashing again in the future?

It is unrealistic to expect an application or video game to never crash while we are using them. Some of the factors that cause problems even escape the hands of the creators of these services.

While that doesn't mean we have to deal with them all the time, we do have to keep in mind that they will show up to us from time to time. However, we have a few tools in our hands to avoid some of the game-disrupting drawbacks.

For example, to avoid the frustration of a slow or poorly executed game, we can make sure we have a good internet network or a correct configuration of our position, since in their absence there are game crashes, or configure the mobile phone to save battery and data. 

This way you can avoid any inconvenience and enjoy your game in complete peace of mind. Remember that not all problems are directly the fault of the game. 

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