How to fix Pokémon GO error or connection problem on Nintendo Switch?

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How to fix Pokémon GO error or connection problem on Switch?

Going straight to today's point, the first thing you need to know to fix the Pokémon GO error or connection problem on the Switch is that there are several solutions for this problem and they are all very easy to do (super short).

Number one is perhaps the simplest, but that's not why you have to stop doing it, and it's serious check that your bluetooth is activated on your smart device (Android, tablet, etc.).

Remember that this game's connectivity with the Nintendo has ended with this system, so having your bluetooth turned off or not compatible could be what is giving you the error.

In case your bluetooth is turned on and you are still having connection problems, you need to go to the second process to fix this error, which would be restart and sync the game and application.

To do this, you must first uninstall and reinstall the Pokémon GO application from your mobile once downloaded verify that the game is in its latest version.

If so, please restart your mobile, if not, you will need to update Pokémon Go to the latest version available, then proceed to restarting your smartphone.

Once this is complete, go to your console and verify that airplane mode is off (you do this from the same house), then sync the game with the mobile application and voila, which should fix your connection errors.

Try a different device!

With the above you should have already been able to fix the Pokémon GO connection error or the problem on the Switch, but if not, there is still one more thing you can try to try to get rid of this error, and this would be test the game on a different smart device.

The only thing you need to do to get this process done is to try sync the console with another smart device that it is not what you use regularly, in case it works for you, it means that it is your device or mobile that has malfunctions, so you will have to contact your technician to fix it.

Or if not, you should contact Nintendo Support from its official website and explain the situation to them, to see if they have a solution available.

And voila, with that you have finished today's guide, so you can say you know how resolve Pokémon GO error or connection problem on Switch, then you can start from here to start applying any of the solutions described ..

But before you continue on your way, remember that this isn't the only mistake you might be presented with, so it wouldn't hurt to look for articles like: How to log into my Pokémon Go account if I can't log in? , to complete your information.

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