How to fix PS4 to PC remote play app problem?

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The PlayStation 4 game console brought with it a very useful feature to be able to use it remotely via an internet connection. This, although highly appreciated by the users of this console, has a number of drawbacks during use. That said, find out how solve the problem of remote use of PS4 application on PC.

Many users report that the experience when playing via this feature did not lead to any inconvenience and were even able to play without delay using the mobile connections of the 4G technology. However, they are not the majority. A large number of users if they have different problems which generated a bad experience while playing using this feature.

Steps to fix PS4 to PC remote play app issue

Using this function, different types of problems can be generated. Therefore, there they are different solutions according to each situation.

Performance Issues

In case of slowness, lag or lag problems in the game, it is better to troubleshoot the internet connection problems of both the console and the computer. If such a problem continues to occur, proceed to reduce the video quality by configuring the resolution and frame rate.

For this, you need to open the PS4 remote play application after activating the PS4 quick menu on your computer and select " Settings “, Then you need to click “Video quality for remote use”. It should be noted that this option is located on the main page of this application.


Once there, you should look for " Resolution "And select a lower one than the one you have, it is convenient to try first with" Standard "And then with" Bassa ". This is to see if you gradually improve the quality without using the lower quality.

Then you should proceed to lower the frame rate. This option is found in the same configuration section and must be selected " Standard ". With this setup you should be able to solve the problem of remote use of PS4 application on PC and have better performance.

Connection problems

If you get the error that the console will not connect or is unavailable, it is most likely a connection problem.

It is your decision to want to measure the speed of the internet connection to see how the network is performing at that moment.

But, to solve the problem of remotely using PS4 application on PC when it's connecting, you must first go to the computer and check if the antivirus you have is not blocking connection and data transfer with the PS4. Once this has been reviewed, if it hasn't been fixed, you should go to the console.

If the PS4 is connected via cable, it is most likely an issue with the internet connection and not the router. When it comes to Wi-Fi connection then the console should be positioned closer to the router and that no object or obstacle stands between the two devices.

In some cases, the opening of the specific ports of the router it must be configured to allow connection through it. This problem can also occur when the console is connected through a network extender or two routers.


Common mistakes

Track Microsoft's Windows OS versions to see if you need to discuss upgrading Windows 10 without enough hard drive space, a likely cause of common errors.

Another common misconception is that through this function no audio is heard or the microphone works when connected to the control input. To solve the problem of remote use of the application PS4 on PC for as for audio, you need to connect it directly to your computer.

However, only the functions to listen to the game and the group chat audio will be activated, the microphone will not work with this method.

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