How to fix the "Connection time out" error in Free Fire - Very easy

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This game will allow you to bring out your adventurous and cunning side, for all the missions and strategies you need to complete. It allows its players to have great entertainment and fun, on the other hand, comes to present an error, in some users, which can become annoying, which will not allow you to play at your ease. But don't worry, it's a common mistake, which has a very simple solution.

Why does this error occur in Free Fire?

It should be noted that Free Fire does play in all corners of the world and you yourself can play with users from any country, since 50 players participate in a single game; this will allow you to play with friends and at the same time meet new people; making the player experience even more incredible.

Its download is really simple, since it does not need large requirements to be able to work, it must be said that you can download and install it for free from your PC or Android, that is, you can download it from the device that seems most convenient to you, this error can occur for several reasons.

First, when a special event occurs in the Free fire or new updates are released, another error may be caused by entering the game too quickly, as you need to wait some time to log in; Finally, this error it may be causing your internet connection, because you don't have access, maybe the network is intermittent or offline.

Ways to fix "connection timed out" error in Free Fire

Since it could be an error in the game itself, the first thing you should do is: go to "Settings", then to applications and select the Garena Free fire application, being there go to "Storage", where you only have to select the "Delete cache" option, when you do, restart your phone and re-enter Free Fire ; ready your problem opens solved.

Although the first way to solve this problem is the most effective, you can try another way to fix this error, is to install a VPN; enter the Play Store and download the VPN of your choice, you have to activate it, once installed, enter Free Fire and voilà problem solved.

If it's online, the first thing you should do is go to your modem, turn it off and wait a couple of minutes to turn it back on, you should also do it with your router, turn it off and unplug it; wait a few minutes, plug it back in and turn it on.

You have to keep in mind that Free Fire must be played with a good Internet, in order for the game to load properly, that's why you need to improve your Wifi speed and speed up your Internet to the max.

You can also restart the device you are playing on and re-enter the game; You have to keep in mind that you have to wait a while for the game to progress and load properly, do not try to rush this process as it may cause an error.

Tips for avoiding errors when playing Free Fire

It is very annoying that while you are playing Free Fire, an unexpected error occurs, that's why we give you these tips to avoid these errors as much as possible, some are: Close any unnecessary or background apps you keep open, don't plug in the charger while you are playing.

You can frequently clear the cache, if necessary; lower the graphics quality slightly from the settings menu, if you are playing with mobile data and errors catch you, it is more than obvious that you should not play with your data.

Alternatively, you can change your connection between WIFI and 4g, to check which is the most stable; For any serious mistake, the thing faster and easier to do is close the Free Fire application completely and reopen it.

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