How to fix the error "Failed to update video settings" on YouTube

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YouTube is one of the largest platforms for watching videos on the Internet, being a strong influence for all people. Over the years, people's fury to upload their videos from their mobile phones or any medium available on the platform has only grown.

Its popularity is due to the great interaction all users have when uploading and sharing videos with their friends and other users. However, the fact that it is a platform with enough users does not eliminate the fact that they may be there problems accessing YouTube.

However, each problem or error on YouTube has a practical and simple solution for those users who need to fix it as soon as possible. One of the benefits of being such a large company is that it has many employees who work hard to eliminate or correct any mistakes.

Fixed the error "Failed to update video settings" on YouTube

One of the rare problems that can occur to users of this platform is the error " Failed to update video configuration ". An error that is reported by fewer users every day, but whose solution is still searchable.

That it is one of the least reported problems also implies that it is one of the least known on YouTube. But there is no need to worry because the its solution is simple and it will be a matter of a few minutes to continue enjoying the videos smoothly.

We therefore advise all those users experiencing this error to take the time to read the following instructions and resolve their experience on the platform:

Steps to fix "Unable to update video settings" error

The first thing to do to fix the error is to look at the options panel on the side of the screen. That way, you can click on the Public option.

 This will bring up a menu with several selections available, the one that interests us for this scenario is to click planned. At this point you need to set a time or what is considered a couple of hours more than the current one.

Finally, at the top of the right side of the screen, you can see the Publish button converted to an option Publish on ..., this new button is clicked without problems.

Information about the error “Failed to update video configuration” on Youtube

The solution for the error “Cannot update video setup” on YouTube is done directly from the video loading screen, which is when the error occurs. Once this error is resolved, you will be able to continue with the rest of the videos that were intended to load.

Something to be aware of is that although this error is rare, it tends to recur even if it has been corrected once. This means that it has not been completely eliminated from the YouTube developers, but it is expected that it will be resolved in the coming months.

However, do not think that this error will affect the process of getting the most subscribers to the channel while it is being fixed. Although limit alone the ability to upload as many videos as possible for a few minutes, it doesn't affect the YouTube experience much.

Also, there is no information that this error stems from other errors like YouTube Error 410 on Android. One more reason not to worry.

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