How to fix the error of the «e» button not working effectively in New World?

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From the beginning we could only play on consoles, but as computers have evolved it has become possible install games that we enjoy all during our free time. While with others we can earn some money simply by playing with it.

One of the platforms for finding a large number of games is Steam. Through this you can play online with all your friends to form a team or they too can play against. This allows you to do countless other things like contacting other subscribers to schedule a game or other things.

What happens on your device if the "e" button doesn't work with New World?

In one of the versions of the New World game an error was presented which led many people to lose a match in their game. This is the 'E' button error. This flaw is really important, because this is a widely used key during games. That is why it is essential that you can fix this error and continue enjoying the game.

Don't worry because you can fix this error without deleting the game from Steam or changing the keyboard because it is not an error of your computer. You will only have to delete some data which we will tell you how to delete it so that you can continue enjoying the New World.

What is the way you can fix this error in New World?

To solve this situation with New World, as we have already told you, you will not have to change the keyboard with a new one or change the function of this key with another, as this will not help, because the error is really in the game. For this reason we will tell you two ways to fix this error in the game.

Close the game completely

This is the best and simplest of the options for correcting this mistake in the New World. For this you have to completely close the game, now you will start the game and you will restart the game you were going to again and you will try to see if the key already works. In case it keeps crashing, you will need to do the following.

Restart your Steam client

This is the other way to fix this error in case it persists after having completely closed the game. For this, you will enter the session on the Steam platform and close this session, but first you will also close the New World game so that this has an effect on the error you want to fix.

This error occurs because the section was not opened correctly and occurs this kind of problem. That's why you need to close your Steam session and reopen it.

How can you remove the saved data if you lost it while the E button was not working?

In case the tips for solve the mistakes of the New World in the «E» key did not work for you or the error recurs, you will have to delete a folder that contains certain data responsible for this problem in the «E» key and is located in the Steam folder.

For this you will enter the file manager of your computer, normally the steam folder is located in the 'Documents' folder. However, if you downloaded the game from the Microsoft store, it will be in: C:Users% UserName%AppDataLocal or C:Users%UserName%AppDataRoaming.

Once you find it, you can delete it and this way this error will no longer appear or for a while. In case it reappears, you can create a shortcut and put it in a place you remember in so you can get into that folder faster and hassle-free.

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