How to fix the problem when the Xbox One screen is not showing images

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If you own one Xbox One , you will surely get the most out of it by watching shows like HBO and playing your favorite video games. However, it can happen that it stopped showing you the image right the moment you turn it on, this is probably due to the fact that the video settings have changed and are not compatible with the ones that match your screen.

This is a situation that could happen no matter what device you own, as there have been major changes with respect to the console and the compatibility of one screen with another. Therefore, if you encounter this problem, don't worry, as in this post we will provide you with all the tools you need to solve it.

Why is my image black?

This is a common problem that can occur with some consoles, as some TVs do not maintain the same picture settings, which can affect the console.

To solve this error, the main thing is that the console parameters are reset, with which you do not have to worry, as you will not lose anything regarding the configuration of network, nor the profiles or any other type of configuration you have done, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Start by making sure that your console is off and then proceed to power on via a combination of buttons, which will allow us to reset all the video parameters of our Xbox One.
  • To do this, press and hold the button expulsion of disco and also press the power button.
  • Until you hear a second beep from the console for the second time, you can release the buttons and in this way the console will have completely erased all the video parameters it had.

What is black screen on Xbox One?

In the IT world, the "black screen of death" is used on both devices and PCs so that you can refer to the black error screen, which usually appears in some operating systems such as Windows, Linux or OS / 2. More recently this expression has been used with the case of Xbox One e Xbox One S.

One of the first places where a report was made about this error was in various web portals, where it was specified that they mainly concerned the menu console main.

Given this problem, it is possible that the way the system loads correctly and with it, the inability to navigation in menus and not being able to access your games or applications.

How this error?

  • Proceed to press the "RT" and "Y" buttons

This is one of the options you should consider when fixing this error, as they have been proven to be very effective on the fly.

Try to press the buttons " RT” and " Y" on the controller Xbox once the console starts booting and you should see that the same problem is solved and with that everything is back to normal.

  • Insert another card

Within various user forums on the web, another of the active and positive solutions was to open the guide for your device by pressing the button 'Xbox' on the remote control, then press the " Start ”And exit the menu immediately. access another tab.

  • Visit the Xbox Store

Within the Reddit platform, several users commented on the fact that directly entering the Xbox Store solved everything.

Although there is no logical reason for this, it works for many people, as to get started they only had to access said shop from the guide and proceed to press the button " A "Just above the main banner, since when you go back to the start menu and we hope that everything works out.

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