How to fix the "Servers are too busy" error in PUBG

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Causes and ways to fix the “Servers are too busy” error in PUBG

The PUBG “Servers are too busy” error is one of the most common in the game and although it gives a clear message, there can be various causes. That is why it is convenient to analyze the possibilities reasons for its occurrence and some basic resolutions to make it disappear.

The servers are too busy

The first thing you should consider is that the servers are actually very busy, that is many people are playing. Note that PUBG or any other game server has a limit. When the limit of one server is reached, no more people can join.

In fact the error 'The servers are too busy' refers to this phenomenon and in many cases a simple one waiting a few minutes solves the problem. However, other circumstances can also cause the error “The servers are too busy” to appear.

Server under maintenance or updating

One reason for the error is that the server is undergoing maintenance. This can happen for a variety of reasons, the most logical of which is when an update for PUBG comes out.

If this is why the error is displayed, wait for the servers to be up and running again. It usually takes a couple of hours to be able to play again. Therefore, it is good to be aware of the days, remember that the Wednesday is usually an update for PUBG.

An error in your connection

This is not common, but a connection problem can cause the error "The servers are too busy" to appear. If you suspect this is the case, simply check your connection by visiting any website. If the connection is not available, you can try restarting the router to fix the internet connection.

In most cases, the above usually works, but if your connection problem goes further, you definitely must contact your provider. On the other hand, if you are still getting the “Servers too busy” error, there are still things to test.

Disable the antivirus and check the firewall

It may seem illogical, but many times antiviruses are capable of block applications from connecting. That said, you can try disabling the antivirus before starting a game, it's unlikely, but that can help with this error.

We also recommend allow the program in the Windows firewall, as the operating system service is sometimes able to block certain connections.

Stop downloading

While PUBG doesn't consume significant bandwidth, downloads can usually use up much of the internet. Effectively, it is not recommended to download stuff while playing, as connection problems may occur. You can clearly do a quick check by checking Ping and FPS in PUBG.

If you notice that the ping is too high, downloads may be affecting the game. This can also cause the "Servers are too busy" error.

When bandwidth is used by another application, it creates such instability that problems like this can arise. If so, that's enough stop downloads or close programs that use the Internet and check if the error is resolved.

The other alternative

If after trying all the options shown before the error prevails, there is something else you can do. We are referring to playing an alternative game to PUBG, before this it is definitely highly recommended to download and install Fortnite, as it offers a somewhat similar gameplay, but with a very funny touch of originality.

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