How To Fix When My PS4 Doesn't Recognize The Controller - Various Causes

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Anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 knows that the controls are connected to the console via Bluetooth that is, they are wireless. And these first need to be used wirelessly, paired or synchronized. But when you've already done this and have time to use it, it can happen that this connection gets lost and the game console doesn't recognize it.

The problems that prevent a controller not being recognized by the PS4 they can be various, but we will give you the possible solutions to this specific problem. These video game systems are very complex and you have to work in a synchronized way so as not to have faults and we do not go crazy trying to correct this situation and in any case we can reset the PS4.

Why doesn't my PS4 recognize the USB controller? Possible reasons

There are a few reasons why the control of your PS4 it is not recognized when you connect it via the USB cable, here you will find the most common solution and some possible ones.

Buttons stuck or stuck

One of the main issues with PS4 controllers is that one or more buttons get stuck or stop working properly.

This can have various reasons, mainly you have to check that the problem does not come from the game, and you can verify this by changing the game, another possible cause is the amount of dirt that the slot on the controller may have, to solve this problem you can use compressed air to remove the dirt.

In case the remote control buttons do not return to their original position and do not work, we recommend that you contact Sony's technical service.

Battery failures

This problem is common in controls relatively old, because batteries can wear out and if we don't take care of the way we handle them, the useful life of the battery is very short.

But all is not lost, because it's possible that it's just a problem with the cable you have, and to verify it you just have to change the cable, that way you will have a clear idea of ​​the problem.

Device deconfiguration

Now, it can happen that due to a new update or simply a console system reboot, your controller has been configured incorrectly, this problem is quite common and has several solutions.

You can restart the console or restart the controller, in case that doesn't fix your problem, you can try to enter the safe mode of your PS4 and you need to connect the controller via a USB cable.

Connectivity Issues

If your remote does not automatically connect to the console, you will find the light flashing intermittently and you will have to restart the connection briefly and easily.

Disconnect your console and the router, this causes them to restart, if this does not work, try to change the door di input console on the router.

My PS4 controller is flashing and not connecting - how to fix it?

In case the connectivity problem persists, locate the reset button on the remote, use a pin or needle and press for a few seconds to restart it.

Reset DUALSHOCK 4 control settings

You can connect the gamepad to your PS4 via the USB cable to reconnect the controller, this is the most effective solution to all connectivity problems. If you are unable to resolve it, we recommend that you contact Sony technical service.

How to fix PS4 problem when it doesn't recognize the controller

The PS4 doesn't only work with controllers that can be connected wirelessly, you can also use i voice commands, that's where we are. Which makes them a great alternative for family fun. But to solve this particular problem we will tell you what you should do next.

If you try to connect the controller with the cable and it doesn't recognize it, do the following, first you have to press the Share button and the PS button at the same time. This should allow the controller to be recognized by the game console. If that doesn't fix anything, try change the USB cable, as it cannot be detected with what you use regularly.

Another possible solution to this problem is to go to the Play Station 4 console and press the power button, until you hear two beeps. This is to enter PS4 Safe Mode, you you will be prompted to connect the controller via the USB cable. So you have to press the PS button, the controller has to respond and then you have to go to restart the PS4 and then press the X button.

If none of these solutions were able to get the controller to be recognized by the console, try this. Disconnect the PS4 from the power source, this to get it out of sleep mode, wait at least a minute before reconnecting it. Now press the button on the console until you hear two beeps, enter Safe Mode and perform the above steps again.

How to sync the PS4 controller with the console

If your remote works with the USB cable, it is possible that the problem is synchronization and you should perform the following procedure, which is generally very simple. After connecting the cable to both the controller that to the PS4 console. And while it's on, you have to press the PS button on the remote.

An indicator that will show you that the remote is on is the led light bar at the top of the remote control. Another thing to take into consideration is that the remote has sufficient charge. Once you have verified that it works and has sufficient charge, pay for the console and disconnect it from the mains.

Now turn the control and on the back to the right look for a hole and insert a clip and hold until you count to 10. Now plug everything back in and turn on the PS4 console. This action should match your controller and it should work perfectly. If not, the remote control may have a fault.

So we come to the end of this short tutorial, which showed you the possibilities solutions to the problem of the PS4 when it does not recognize the controller.

Have a USB cable

It is always advisable to have one or more cables USB compatible with PS4 Backup, as we have already seen, you may need it in case your connectivity is not very good or you have battery problems.

Turn on the console

Starting the console generally also starts the remote control link system, remember that sometimes updates or problems with power outlets can cause deconfiguration of the console and you need to set it up again.

Restart control from PS4

To achieve this, you need to connect control to the PS4 through the cable USB, while your console is off and unplugged, once you see everything ready, plug the console back in and turn it on, as you press the middle button, you will let it know that the process is successful when the light stops flashing.

Do a forced restart on the control

To force the reboot remote control or DualShock 4, you just have to take a small needle, pin or open paper clip and insert it through the small hole located near the L2 trigger for about 7 seconds.

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