How to fully connect my laptop screen to TV?

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After reading this article, you will have no excuse to link the your laptop on the TV, as we will show you up to four different ways to do this.

Since these devices share a large number of connectors needed for this. We can also do it wirelessly and eliminate the reliance on annoying cables.

Of course, it's just not enough to have connectors and cables, you need to make some changes to the laptop and TV. But don't worry, let us tell you what you should do to be able to establish a connection without any problems.

We've done this before and you can see how easy it is to make this type of wired or wireless connection from a Smart TV to a computer or PC.

How to fully connect my laptop screen to TV?

Most people prefer to use one bigger screen of the ones that come by default in their small laptops. And so you can enjoy all the multimedia content or connect to platforms such as YouTube. Which offer you a lot of free content or, failing that, with really affordable rates.

We can also find other pages on the net that offer free content, therefore use our TV as a screen o laptop monitor is a more than reasonable option. As we have already told you earlier in this article. There are four effective ways to establish this connection and some of them should work for you, let's get started.

Steps to fully connect my laptop screen to TV

To get started, we'll use the simplest option for connect completely it my laptop screen on the TV. And it is through the use of the HDMI port which is a port that current laptops have for high definition connections. It's a bit thinner and longer than the USB port, which you should be familiar with.

Current TVs have this port, some may even have more than one port, the cable is not expensive and you should definitely have one more.

When you connect the cables to the TV, you just have to look for the input you are using. On the other hand, when you plug in the laptop, it should automatically display the image.

If not, you just need to go to Control Panel, then Display Settings, Display and finally choose the Adjust Resolution option. Now you need to select the TV and voila, the laptop image should appear on the TV screen.

In case you use a laptop without the HDMI port, you must then use the audio and video inputs or as they are known as the VGA port.

Unfortunately these cables only offer a video output, so you'll need to use a second 3,5mm cable and plug it from the laptop's headphone port to the TV.

Another option you can use is duplicate the screen, if you use Windows this will be a very simple task to do. Since this operating system has the Miracast standard and allows you to connect a device called Dongle to the HDMI port of the laptop it has no problems and will look for a TV for example, to connect and you don't need to have a Wi-Fi connection.

If the connectors of your TV and those of your laptop are not the same, you can perfectly buy an adapter that will allow you to connect without any problem. And so we come to the end of this article he showed you how to fully connect my laptop screen to TV.

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