How to Get and Get All Artifacts in ARK: Survival Evolved - Complete Guide

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Then go right until you find green mushrooms, cross twice to the right and then to the left to get the immune artifact first.

Then turn to go out into a forest, enter the central hall until you see a light, go to the right side and climb the rock ceiling, there you will find the cunning artifact.

Don't feel guilty if you can't find artifacts in ARK mobile, in fact there are some that are accessible alone using commands.

What are artifacts in ARK: Survival Evolved?

ARK artifacts, they are special items, complex to make, not so much for its location, if not, how difficult it is to get out of where I live.

These objects are found at the end or in the deepest part of the caves. If you are in single player survival mode, you may have a hard time getting it due to the number of mobs that appear.

The appearance of hostile mobs is incalculable. Likewise, the cracks in some caves, along with the wall traps, can quickly end the game.

These artifacts allow you to spawn bosses from the game or, instead, you can place it on a trophy base. If you look at it, it was a real hit!

The coordinates shown in this article correspond to artifacts on the map of La IslaFor example, for the force artifact you need to peak at coordinates 24.5 and 25, enter the monkey monument and cut the stone at the end.

How to get all artifacts in ARK using commands

Like many games today, there are ARK artifact commands that you can get, always remembering that you get an item to save the game as quickly as possible. These commands offer advantages, for example, by obtaining artifacts immediately.

If you are interested in having the artifact of cunning in ARK, you should know that no matter the time, or if you play at night or during the day within the game, the command is: «cheat GFI Artifact_11 1 0 0«.

And in case it doesn't work, you can type "Summon artifactcrate_X_c" and replace the X with the numbers from 1 to 18 (in the previous case use 11)

For the raw artifact, you can use the command «cheat GFI Artifact_12 1 0 0». Similarly, you can try to enter the cave at coordinates 54 and 11, up to 61 and 22.

There are other commands, as in the case of the artifact devourer, which you can also use the command: «cheat giveitemnum 152 1 0 0», in this case 152 is the specific ID.

This number can be exchanged with the ID of any ARK number, in this link we leave you a list, with all the IDs of the game on the corresponding Wikipedia page.

Obtain all artifacts in ARK on a server with or without mods

Take advantage of obtaining the Devourer Artifact, at coordinates 46.5 and 0.24. It is in the sea, you will have need an aquatic dinosaur and a shell with oxygen. Immerse yourself until you see a light, there is the artifact.

If you are looking for the ARK Hunter artifact, is at coordinates 18.5 and 27.5. Go with someone or make sure someone has recently left so you will find fewer mods

Go straight, paying attention to the two abyss, when you get to see a light in another abyss, go right and walk up the vine, continue right and pass another vine.

Duck under the stones and go down the stairs to a suspension bridge, from there look left and use the rope to hang from the ceiling above the lava.

Pass over the temple loot until you reach the red loot, the rock face, enter left through a crevice and drop down. Finally with a rope attached to the ceiling, passing over the lava, you can find the hunting artifact in ARK.

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