How to get and plant sugar cane in Minecraft - Sugar cane crops

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What is sugar cane?

Sugar cane is a very common item in Minecraft, you need to make paper and sugar. It is an important building ingredient and is along with wheat, potatoes and carrots among the most important things we can grow in a Minecraft garden.

However, unlike wheat, potatoes and carrots, even the sugar cane it's a block. You don't need a hoe; you can put it directly on the ground, but only if he has a waterblock nearby.

By placing the sugar cane on a block of soil that is next to a block of water, the water will begin to grow and become a sugar cane two or three blocks high. Then you can break it and re-sow it, saving what is left over.

Sugar cane is very useful. Since it is necessary to produce paper in a renewable way, it is by extension necessary to create or create books, maps and rockets. And sugar is needed to make cakes and pies, and most importantly, you need to make potions.

But before you make a sugar refinery, you need to get your cane, and it's not always easy. If you are familiar with the game, you know that it grows only on earth and sand and that grows only if it is near the water.

How to find sugar cane

Sugar cane is quite common in river biomes. So you can explore the map until you find a river, and then navigate the river until you see sugar cane, you will almost certainly find it at some point. Rivers are very important in your early Minecraft days, for this and many other reasons.

In theory, sugar cane is generated much more in desert biomes than in any other biome that exists in Minecraft; but in practice this is not true, because there is usually not much water in the desert. But if you find a lake or river in the desert, it will almost certainly have sugar cane at some point.

Also, the nomadic merchants they sell sugar cane in exchange for an emerald. This can be useful if you are away from the river and need sugarcane for a farm.

How to plant sugar cane? How to make a farm?

Sugar cane can only be planted in a block of earth or sand adjacent to a block of water. This means that a sugar cane farm requires much more water than a wheat, carrot or potato farm.

Since players generally grow all their crops on one farm, the most common is to create rows of water a block wide and then rows of earth 4 blocks wide before another row of water 1 block wide.

Since water can moisten the sown soil even if it contains normal soil, you can plant sugar cane in the row of soil adjacent to the water and potatoes, carrots and wheat in the other 2.

However, the most practical thing would be plant sugarcane on a farm alone. To decide how to do this, you have to effectively balance with difficulty in taking the product.

A farm with one row of water and two rows of land before another row of water is the easiest to make and maintain, but it is not very compact. On such a farm, there are only two blocks of land for each block of water.

The most compact farm is that a chessboard, in which there is a block of water in the center and 4 of earth around. But such a model would be difficult to tread.

What we recommend is that you review all farm projects yourself, including orchards or auto crops. So you can build something that suits your needs!

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