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Pokémon Go is a game that surprised the market in 2018, because it has brought a new way to play, which allowed him to be easy to recognize and very popular with fans of the Nintendo franchise, which today is one of the most famous in the world. This is due to a massive campaign involving marketing, video games, stuffed animals, and even trading card games.

This game, downloadable for free for Android devices and for Apple devices, is to use the rear camera of the device to create an augmented virtual reality environment.

In this, the image obtained by the camera is used and combined with a character that is fixedly on the screen. The player can decide whether to use his Pokemon to fight or try to catch the monster before it escapes.

This follows the basic concept introduced by the first games released in the 90s for Gameboy. In these he was portrayed as a small Pokémon trainer, who sets out on an adventure in which he becomes the best Pokémon Master after a long journey in which he trains his team of Pokémon. This formula was used in many games, which created their own universe in which there were different regions.

To play, you need to create a free account. This is for your user to be identified across multiple devices and then you can save your Pokemon in a cloud system.

This is important in case we lose our mobile or if it is stolen, as we can re-enter our account without any problems in case this happens. In case you don't know how to log in again, you can quickly recover your account.

Originally, there was only one region, Kanto. However, later installments included new regions such as Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar. The games have been hugely successful since their original release to date, and have gone through several presentations.

Likewise, each region included a new pack of Pokemon which were different from all the previous ones and showed specific characteristics of the regions in which they were present.

How to use Evolution Stones in Pokémon Go

Evolution Stones are a new skin which was added with the second generation of Pokémon Go. These follow the same pattern as the game, in which they are given to Pokemon so that they evolve into a new variant that is stronger and has more movement. In Pokémon Go, Region Stones were introduced, which give special attributes to Pokémon in certain regions.

Among them is the Sinnoh stone, yes evolves in many Pokemon in fourth generation, such as Aipom, Magmar, Murkrow and Lickitung. The stone, like all, needs a specific amount of Candy with which you can activate the evolution of your Pokémon.

For the options of stones and latest Pokémon added, you need to know how to update Pokémon Go on Android or iPhone. This is because sometimes the App Store and Play Store take some time to release updated versions.

How to get the Sunstone and the Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon Go

Both are obtained randomly, because every time you go to a poke you stop and spin the wheel; you have a 2% chance of getting one. However, there are several methods by which your chances of getting it are much higher.

Among these you can enter field investigations, because by doing them and claiming their rewards there is a greater chance of it appearing.

In addition, the player can carry out various PvP fights, as this stone can be awarded as a reward for winning a battle. It is important to note that the method of completing the 7 weekly stamps through research is very useful. Also, if the pokeparadas are visited daily, it is estimated that on the seventh day one of the stones can come out.

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